Ideas from 'On Note L to Bayle's 'Rorarius'' by Gottfried Leibniz [1705], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Philosophical Texts' by Leibniz,Gottfried (ed/tr Woolhouse RS /Francks R) [OUP 1998,0-19-875153-2]].

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15. Nature of Minds / B. Features of Minds / 2. Unconscious Mind
The soul doesn't understand many of its own actions, if perceptions are confused and desires buried
17. Mind and Body / A. Mind-Body Dualism / 5. Parallelism
We should say that body is mechanism and soul is immaterial, asserting their independence
26. Natural Theory / A. Concepts of Nature / 4. Pythagoreanism
Minds unconsciously count vibration beats in music, and enjoy it when they coincide