Ideas from 'What is Art?' by Leo Tolstoy [1898], by Theme Structure

[found in 'What is Art? and Essays on Art' by Tolstoy,Leo (ed/tr Maude,Aylmer) [OUP 1975,0-19-250331-6]].

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21. Aesthetics / E. Art Theories / 3. Art and Morality
The upper classes put beauty first, and thus freed themselves from morality
We separate the concept of beauty from goodness, unlike the ancients
21. Aesthetics / E. Art Theories / 6. Art as Expression
True works of art transmit completely new feelings
The highest feelings of mankind can only be transmitted by art
The purpose of art is to help mankind to evolve better, more socially beneficial feelings
Art is when one man uses external signs to hand on his feelings to another man