Ideas from 'Introduction of 'Essence of Christianity'' by Ludwig Feuerbach [1841], by Theme Structure

[found in 'The Fiery Brook: Selected Writings' by Feuerbach,Ludwig (ed/tr Hanfi,Zawar) [Anchor 1972,0-385-05682-6]].

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18. Thought / A. Modes of Thought / 5. Rationality
When absorbed in deep reflection, is your reason in control, or is it you?
22. Metaethics / B. The Good / 1. Goodness / b. Types of good
Reason, love and will are the highest perfections and essence of man - the purpose of his life
27. Natural Reality / F. Biology / 5. Species
Consciousness is said to distinguish man from animals - consciousness of his own species
28. God / A. Divine Nature / 6. Divine Morality / b. Euthyphro question
A God needs justice, kindness and wisdom, but those concepts don't depend on the concept of God
28. God / C. Attitudes to God / 4. God Reflects Humanity
The nature of God is an expression of human nature
28. God / C. Attitudes to God / 5. Atheism
If love, goodness and personality are human, the God who is their source is anthropomorphic
29. Religion / D. Religious Issues / 1. Religious Commitment / a. Religious Belief
Religion is the consciousness of the infinite
Today's atheism will tomorrow become a religion