Ideas from 'Notebooks 1914-1916' by Ludwig Wittgenstein [1915], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Notebooks 1914-1916 (2nd ed)' by Wittgenstein,Ludwig [Blackwell 1979,0-6311-2499-3]].

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1. Philosophy / F. Analytic Philosophy / 5. Linguistic Analysis
Analysis complicates a statement, but only as far as the complexity of its meaning
5. Theory of Logic / A. Overview of Logic / 1. Overview of Logic
We can dispense with self-evidence, if language itself prevents logical mistakes [Jeshion]
5. Theory of Logic / E. Structures of Logic / 1. Logical Form
A statement's logical form derives entirely from its constituents
5. Theory of Logic / E. Structures of Logic / 2. Logical Connectives / a. Logical connectives
'And' and 'not' are non-referring terms, which do not represent anything [Fogelin]
16. Persons / B. Nature of the Self / 4. Presupposition of Self
The philosophical I is the metaphysical subject, the limit - not a part of the world
24. Applied Ethics / C. Death Issues / 4. Suicide
Absolute prohibitions are the essence of ethics, and suicide is the most obvious example