Ideas from 'The Prince' by Niccolo Machiavelli [1513], by Theme Structure

[found in 'The Prince, selections from Discourses' by Machiavelli,Niccolo (ed/tr Plamenatz,J) [Fontana 1972,-]].

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23. Ethics / B. Contract Ethics / 3. Promise Keeping
If men are good you should keep promises, but they aren't, so you needn't
25. Society / B. The State / 3. Constitutions
The principle foundations of all states are good laws and good armies
25. Society / B. The State / 5. Leaders / c. Despotism
To retain a conquered state, wipe out the ruling family, and preserve everything else
People are vengeful, so be generous to them, or destroy them
A sensible conqueror does all his harmful deeds immediately, because people soon forget
25. Society / B. The State / 8. Religion in Society
Machiavelli emancipated politics from religion [Watson]
25. Society / E. State Functions / 5. War
A desire to conquer, and men who do it, are always praised, or not blamed