Ideas from 'The Really Hard Problem' by Owen Flanagan [2007], by Theme Structure

[found in 'The Really Hard Problem' by Flanagan,Owen [MIT 2007,978-0-262-06264-0]].

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15. Nature of Minds / B. Features of Minds / 2. Unconscious Mind
Research suggest that we overrate conscious experience
17. Mind and Body / E. Mind as Physical / 2. Reduction of Mind
Sensations may be identical to brain events, but complex mental events don't seem to be
22. Metaethics / A. Value / 1. Nature of Value / b. Fact and value
Morality is normative because it identifies best practices among the normal practices
22. Metaethics / A. Value / 2. Values / e. Altruism
For Darwinians, altruism is either contracts or genetics
22. Metaethics / B. The Good / 2. Happiness / b. Eudaimonia
We need Eudaimonics - the empirical study of how we should flourish
24. Political Theory / D. Ideologies / 9. Communism
Alienation is not finding what one wants, or being unable to achieve it
29. Religion / C. Spiritual Disciplines / 3. Buddhism
Buddhists reject God and the self, and accept suffering as key, and liberation through wisdom