Ideas from 'Coherence: The Price is Right' by Paul Thagard [2012], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Southern Journal of Philosophy' (ed/tr -) [- ,]].

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2. Reason / A. Nature of Reason / 6. Coherence
Coherence problems have positive and negative restraints; solutions maximise constraint satisfaction
Coherence is explanatory, deductive, conceptual, analogical, perceptual, and deliberative
Explanatory coherence needs symmetry,explanation,analogy,data priority, contradiction,competition,acceptance
3. Truth / A. Truth Problems / 6. Verisimilitude
Verisimilitude comes from including more phenomena, and revealing what underlies
14. Science / B. Scientific Theories / 1. Scientific Theory
Neither a priori rationalism nor sense data empiricism account for scientific knowledge
14. Science / C. Induction / 6. Bayes's Theorem
Bayesian inference is forced to rely on approximations
14. Science / D. Explanation / 3. Best Explanation / a. Best explanation
The best theory has the highest subjective (Bayesian) probability?