Ideas from 'Abortion and the Doctrine of Double Effect' by Philippa Foot [1967], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Virtues and Vices' by Foot,Philippa [Blackwell 1981,0-631-12749-6]].

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20. Action / C. Motives for Action / 5. Action Dilemmas / b. Double Effect
A 'double effect' is a foreseen but not desired side-effect, which may be forgivable
The doctrine of double effect can excuse an outcome because it wasn't directly intended
Double effect says foreseeing you will kill someone is not the same as intending it
Without double effect, bad men can make us do evil by threatening something worse
Double effect seems to rely on a distinction between what we do and what we allow
25. Social Practice / F. Life Issues / 3. Abortion
Abortion is puzzling because we do and don't want the unborn child to have rights