Ideas from 'Free Will as Involving Determinism' by Philippa Foot [1957], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Virtues and Vices' by Foot,Philippa [Blackwell 1981,0-631-12749-6]].

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16. Persons / F. Free Will / 6. Determinism / a. Determinism
Determinism threatens free will if actions can be causally traced to external factors
20. Action / C. Motives for Action / 3. Acting on Reason / b. Intellectualism
Not all actions need motives, but it is irrational to perform troublesome actions with no motive
23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 2. Elements of Virtue Theory / e. Character
People can act out of vanity without being vain, or even vain about this kind of thing