Ideas from 'Introduction to 'Absolute Generality'' by Rayo,A/Uzquiasno,G [2006], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Absolute Generality' (ed/tr Rayo,A/Uzquiano,G) [OUP 2006,978-0-19-927643-1]].

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4. Formal Logic / F. Set Theory ST / 1. Set Theory
The two best understood conceptions of set are the Iterative and the Limitation of Size
4. Formal Logic / F. Set Theory ST / 4. Axioms for Sets / m. Axiom of Separation
Some set theories give up Separation in exchange for a universal set
5. Theory of Logic / G. Quantification / 2. Domain of Quantification
We could have unrestricted quantification without having an all-inclusive domain
Absolute generality is impossible, if there are indefinitely extensible concepts like sets and ordinals
5. Theory of Logic / G. Quantification / 5. Second-Order Quantification
Perhaps second-order quantifications cover concepts of objects, rather than plain objects
19. Language / F. Communication / 5. Pragmatics / a. Contextual meaning
The domain of an assertion is restricted by context, either semantically or pragmatically