Ideas from 'Anarchy,State, and Utopia' by Robert Nozick [1974], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Anarchy,State, and Utopia' by Nozick,Robert [Blackwell 1980,0-631-19780-x]].

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22. Metaethics / A. Value / 1. Nature of Value / f. Ultimate value
Freedom to live according to our own conception of the good is the ultimate value
23. Ethics / E. Utilitarianism / 2. Ideal of Pleasure
If an experience machine gives you any experience you want, should you hook up for life?
25. Society / B. The State / 1. Purpose of a State
A minimal state should protect, but a state forcing us to do more is unjustified
25. Society / C. Social Justice / 2. Social Freedom / d. Free market
If people hold things legitimately, just distribution is simply the result of free exchanges
25. Society / C. Social Justice / 4. Legal Rights / c. Property rights
Property is legitimate by initial acquisition, voluntary transfer, or rectification of injustice
Nozick assumes initial holdings include property rights, but we can challenge that
How did the private property get started? If violence was involved, we can redistribute it
Can I come to own the sea, by mixing my private tomato juice with it?
If property is only initially acquired by denying the rights of others, Nozick can't get started
25. Society / D. Political Doctrines / 3. Anarchism
Individual rights are so strong that the state and its officials must be very limited in power
25. Society / D. Political Doctrines / 6. Liberalism
States can't enforce mutual aid on citizens, or interfere for their own good