Ideas from 'Intro to 'Questions of Time and Tense'' by Robin Le Poidevin [1998], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Questions of Time and Tense' (ed/tr Le Poidevin,Robin) [OUP 2002,0-19-925046-4]].

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3. Truth / B. Truthmakers / 10. Making Future Truths
In the tenseless view, all times are equally real, so statements of the future have truth-values
22. Metaethics / C. Ethics Foundations / 1. Nature of Ethics / e. Ethical cognitivism
Evil can't be an illusion, because then the illusion that there is evil would be evil
27. Natural Reality / A. Space-Time / 2. Time / b. Tensed (A) time
It is claimed that the tense view entails the unreality of both future and past
We share a common now, but not a common here
27. Natural Reality / A. Space-Time / 2. Time / c. Tenseless (B) time
Fiction seems to lack a tensed perspective, and offers an example of tenseless language
At the very least, minds themselves seem to be tensed
The new tenseless theory offers indexical truth-conditions, instead of a reductive analysis
27. Natural Reality / A. Space-Time / 2. Time / h. Growing block of time
If the future is not real, we don't seem to have any obligation to future individuals
27. Natural Reality / A. Space-Time / 2. Time / i. Time and change
If things don't persist through time, then change makes no sense
Things which have ceased change their A-series position; things that persist change their B-series position
28. God / A. Divine Nature / 6. God and Time
God being inside or outside of time both raise a group of difficult problems