Ideas from 'Summa Contra Gentiles' by Thomas Aquinas [1268], by Theme Structure

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17. Mind and Body / A. Mind-Body Dualism / 4. Occasionalism
Without God's influence every operation would stop, so God causes everything
                        Full Idea: If God's divine influence stopped, every operation would stop. Every operation, therefore, of everything is traced back to him as cause.
                        From: Thomas Aquinas (Summa Contra Gentiles [1268], III.67), quoted by Brian Davies - Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion 3 'Freedom'
                        A reaction: If the systematic interraction of mind and body counts as an 'operation', then this seems to imply Occasionalism.
27. Natural Reality / C. Space-Time / 2. Time / a. Time
Eternity coexists with passing time, as the centre of a circle coexists with its circumference
                        Full Idea: The centre of a circle is directly opposite any designated point on the circumference. In this way, whatever is in any part of time coexists with what is eternal as being present to it even though past or future with respect to another part of time.
                        From: Thomas Aquinas (Summa Contra Gentiles [1268], I.66), quoted by Robin Le Poidevin - Past, Present and Future of Debate about Tense 2 c
                        A reaction: A nice example of a really cool analogy which almost gets you to accept something which is actually completely incomprehensible.