Ideas from 'Philosophical Fragments' by Søren Kierkegaard [1844], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Philosophical Fragments' by Kierkegaard,Søren (ed/tr Hong,Howard/Edna) [Princeton 1983,]].

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7. Existence / A. Nature of Existence / 5. Reason for Existence
I assume existence, rather than reasoning towards it
                        Full Idea: I always reason from existence, not towards existence.
                        From: Søren Kierkegaard (Philosophical Fragments [1844], p.40)
                        A reaction: Kierkegaard's important premise to help show that theistic proofs for God's existence don't actually prove existence, but develop the content of a conception. [SY]
10. Modality / A. Necessity / 2. Nature of Necessity
Nothing necessary can come into existence, since it already 'is'
                        Full Idea: Can the necessary come into existence? That is a change, and everything that comes into existence demonstrates that it is not necessary. The necessary already 'is'.
                        From: Søren Kierkegaard (Philosophical Fragments [1844], p.74)
                        A reaction: [SY]