Ideas from 'Immortality of the Soul' by Henry More [1659], by Theme Structure

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29. Religion / B. Monotheistic Religion / 4. Christianity / c. Angels
The schools said spirits lack extension, and wonder how many could dance on a needle's point
                        Full Idea: Many, not without reason, laugh at those ridiculous fancies of the schools, that rashly take away all extensions from spirits, whether souls or angels, and then dispute how many of them booted and spurred may dance on a needle's point at once.
                        From: Henry More (Immortality of the Soul [1659], III.2.1), quoted by Robert Pasnau - Metaphysical Themes 1274-1671 17.3
                        A reaction: This famous idea originated with William Chillingworth. More's version is the classic one. Pasnau cites Aquinas Summa 1a 52.3 as discussing the actual question (and says this couldn't happen).