Ideas from '67: Platonic Questions' by Plutarch [85], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Moralia - vol 13 part 1' by Plutarch (ed/tr Cherniss,Harold) [Harvard Loeb 1993,0-674-99470-1]].

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15. Nature of Minds / A. Nature of Mind / 2. Psuche
When the soul is intelligent and harmonious, it is part of god and derives from god
                        Full Idea: The soul, when it has partaken of intelligence and reason and concord, is not merely a work but also a part of god and has come to be not by his agency but both from him as source and out of his substance.
                        From: Plutarch (67: Platonic Questions [c.85], II.1001)
                        A reaction: A most intriguing shift of view from earlier concepts of the psuché. How did this come about? This man is a pagan. The history is in the evolution of Platonism. See 'The Middle Platonists' by John Dillon. Davidson is also very impressed by reason.