Ideas from '75: Is 'Live Unknown' a Wise Precept?' by Plutarch [85], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Selected Essays and Dialogues' by Plutarch (ed/tr Russell,Donald) [OUP 1993,0-19-283094-5]].

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15. Nature of Minds / A. Nature of Mind / 2. Psuche
Some philosophers say the soul is light
                        Full Idea: Some philosophers hold that the soul is in its essence light.
                        From: Plutarch (75: Is 'Live Unknown' a Wise Precept? [c.85], 6)
                        A reaction: A nice idea, to rival the stoic view that the soul is fire. It is understandable to propose that the soul is some sort of lightweight and fast moving matter. How else could thought be achieved physically? Nowadays, parallel processing is our only model.