Ideas from 'Aristotle on Learning to be Good' by Myles F. Burnyeat [1980], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Essays on Aristotle's Ethics' (ed/tr Rorty,Amélie Oksenberg) [University of California 1980,0-520-04041-4]].

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20. Action / C. Motives for Action / 3. Acting on Reason / b. Intellectualism
Intellectualism is an excessive emphasis on reasoning in moral philosophy
                        Full Idea: Intellectualism, a one-sided preoccupation with reason and reasoning, is a perennial failing in moral philosophy.
                        From: Myles F. Burnyeat (Aristotle on Learning to be Good [1980], p.70)
                        A reaction: But Kant's reply would be that while there is much more to moral behaviour, the only part which matters in morality is the reasoning part. And Socrates' view (ignorance is evil) is not obviously wrong.