Ideas from 'works' by Friedrich Schiller [1794], by Theme Structure

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21. Aesthetics / C. Artistic Issues / 7. Art and Morality
Beauty motivates morality, by harmonising feeling and reason
                        Full Idea: On Schiller's view, only beauty could shape or evince the necessary harmony between sensibility and reason (between inclination and duty) which provides the crucial motivation for the moral life.
                        From: report of Friedrich Schiller (works [1794]) by Terry Pinkard - German Philosophy 1760-1860 06
                        A reaction: Maybe. Reason should probably be drawn towards feelings which seem inspiring.
25. Society / C. Social Justice / 2. Social Freedom / e. Freedom of lifestyle
Schiller speaks obsessively of freedom throughout his works
                        Full Idea: Schiller constantly speaks of spiritual freedom: freedom of reason, the kingdom of freedom, our free self, inner freedom, freedom of mind, moral freedom, the free intelligence - a very favourite phrase - holy freedom, the impregnable citadel of freedom.
                        From: report of Friedrich Schiller (works [1794]) by Isaiah Berlin - The Roots of Romanticism
                        A reaction: Kant's philosophy and his Kingdom of Ends are an obvious source for this, but I trace the sentiment back to 'Freeborn John' Lilburne during the English Civil War. The English, thanks to Voltaire, embodied freedom in the Enlightenment.