Ideas from 'The Great Event' by Mahavastu [200], by Theme Structure

[found in 'Buddhist Scriptures' (ed/tr Conze,Edward) [Penguin 1959,-]].

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28. God / B. Proving God / 3. Proofs of Evidence / e. Miracles
The Buddha made flowers float in the air, to impress people, and make them listen
                        Full Idea: When the young Brahmin threw her two lotuses, they stood suspended in the air. This was one of the miracles by which the Buddhas impress people, to make them listen to the truth.
                        From: Mahavastu (The Great Event [c.200], I.231-9)
                        A reaction: Presumably this is the reason that Jesus did miracles. It is hard to spot the truth among the myriad of lies, if there is no supporting miracle to give authority to the speaker.