Ideas from 'Rules for the Direction of the Mind' by René Descartes [1628], by Theme Structure

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11. Knowledge Aims / B. Certain Knowledge / 1. Certainty
In pursuing truth, anything less certain than mathematics is a waste of time
                        Full Idea: In our search for the direct road towards truth we should busy ourselves with no object about which we cannot attain a certitude equal to that of the demonstrations of Arithmetic and Geometry.
                        From: René Descartes (Rules for the Direction of the Mind [1628], Rule II), quoted by Alain Badiou - Mathematics and Philosophy: grand and little p.8
                        A reaction: A beautiful statement of the way in which rationalist philosophy was founded on the model of mathematics (esp. Euclid), with all its concomitant problems. The most important concept of the last hundred years may well be fallibilist rationalism.