Ideas from 'The Poetics' by Aristotle [347 BCE], by Theme Structure

[found in 'The Basic Works of Aristotle' by Aristotle (ed/tr McKeon,Richard) [Modern Library Classics 2001,0-375-75799-6]].

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21. Aesthetics / B. Nature of Art / 8. The Arts / b. Poetry
Poetry is more philosophic than history, as it concerns universals, not particulars
                        Full Idea: Poetry is something more philosophic and of graver import than history, since its statements are rather of universals, whereas those of history are singulars.
                        From: Aristotle (The Poetics [c.347 BCE], 1451b05)
                        A reaction: Hm. Characters in great novels achieve universality by being representated very particularly. Great depth of mind seems required to be a poet, but less so for a historian (though there is, I presume, no upward limit on the possible level of thought).