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Peter Abelard
8     works
Deborah Achtenberg
1     Cognition of Value in Aristotle's Ethics
Robert Merrihew Adams
12     Primitive Thisness and Primitive Identity
1     Actualism and Thisness
Theodor W. Adorno
1     works
1     Negative Dialectics
T Adorno / M Horkheimer
2     Dialectic of Enlightenment
1     Pyrrhonian Arguments (frags)
1     The Eumenides
1     plays (frags)
6     works (fragments)
Kevin Aho
8     Existentialism: an introduction
Albert of Saxony
1     On 'Generation and Corruption'
3     On 'Physics'
Leon Battista Alberti
1     De Re Aedificatoria
Albertus Magnus
1     On Minerals
1     On 'Generation and Corruption'
1     On Nature (frags)
1     On Aristotle's Metaphysics Book 2
Peter Alexander
6     Ideas, Qualities and Corpuscles
Samuel Alexander
2     works
1     Space, Time and Deity (2 vols)
Joseph Almog
12     Nature Without Essence
1     30: Book of Amos
1     comedies (frags)
19     Natural Science (frags)
1     works (all lost)
8     books (all lost)
1     book (lost)
C. Anthony Anderson
9     Identity and Existence in Logic
Peter A. Angeles
1     A Dictionary of Philosophy
Julia Annas
9     The Morality of Happiness
4     Ancient Philosophy: very short introduction
Anon (Bhag)
12     The Bhagavad Gita
Anon (Cent)
8     Centring
Anon (Dan)
1     27: Book of Daniel
Anon (Dham)
8     The DhammaPada
Anon (Diss)
9     Treatise on double arguments
Anon (Ecc)
5     21: Book of Ecclesiastes
Anon (Gilg)
1     The Epic of Gilgamesh
Anon (Job)
1     18: Book of Job
Anon (Josh)
1     06: Book of Joshua
Anon (Kings)
1     11: Book of Kings 1
Anon (Lev)
1     03: Book of Leviticus
Anon (Par)
4     The Condemnation of 1277
Anon (Plat)
1     Alcibiades
Anon (Titus)
1     17: Epistle to Titus
Anon (Tor)
3     01: Book of Genesis
Anon (Upan)
18     The Upanishads
G.E.M. Anscombe
1     Intention
3     Modern Moral Philosophy
1     The Intentionality of Sensation
6     Causality and Determinism
9     Proslogion
1     De Veritate (On Truth)
4     Truth (lost)
Antisthenes (Ath)
5     works (all lost)
G. Aldo Antonelli
10     Non-Monotonic Logic
Thomas Aquinas
1     Sentences
40     Summa Theologicae
1     On Aristotle's 'Metaphysics'
1     Quodlibeta
2     Summa Contra Gentiles
1     Quaestiones de anima
1     Quaestiones de Potentia Dei
14     De Ente et Essentia (Being and Essence)
17     Quaestiones Disputatae de Malo
1     Super Epistolam Pauli Apostoli
1     works (all lost)
2     works (all lost)
1     works
Hannah Arendt
2     The Origins of Totalitarianism
Aristippus the elder
6     works (all lost)
Aristippus the younger
8     works (all lost)
3     works (all lost)
16     The Art of Rhetoric
1     The Poetics
1     The History of Animals
77     Physics
11     On the Heavens
25     Coming-to-be and Passing-away (Gen/Corr)
223     Nichomachean Ethics
1     Protrepticus (frags)
15     Eudemian Ethics
49     Politics
41     Categories
7     Sophistical Refutations
34     Topics
17     On Interpretation
22     works
32     De Anima
14     Prior Analytics
70     Posterior Analytics
330     Metaphysics
David M. Armstrong
5     A Materialist Theory of Mind (Rev)
2     Belief Truth and Knowledge
7     A Theory of Universals
1     Nominalism and Realism
3     Against 'Ostrich Nominalism'
35     What is a Law of Nature?
1     The Nature of Possibility
2     A Combinatorial Theory of Possibility
17     Properties
8     Pref to new 'Materialist Theory'
14     Universals
1     Universals and Particulars
5     A World of States of Affairs
1     Two Problems for Essentialism
31     Truth and Truthmakers
Karen Armstrong
6     A History of God
Antoine Arnauld
1     Letters to Leibniz
Arnauld / Nicole
6     Logic (Port-Royal Art of Thinking)
Richard T.W. Arthur
2     Leibniz
3     Saundaranandakavya
3     Buddhacarita
Mary Astell
1     A Serious Proposal to the Ladies I
Paul Audi
12     Clarification and Defense of Grounding
Robert Audi
1     Action, Intention and Reason
26     Epistemology: contemporary introduction
11     Confessions
3     works
1     Some Questions about time
2     City of God
Marcus Aurelius
6     The Meditations (To Himself)
Peter Auriol
3     Sentences
John Austin
1     Lectures on Jurisprudence
J.L. Austin
2     Truth
Averroes (Ibn Rushd)
1     Commentary on 'Physics'
Avicenna (Abu Ibn Sina)
4     Commentary on the Metaphysics
A.J. Ayer
40     Language,Truth and Logic
2     The Foundations of Empirical Knowledge
7     Introduction to 'Language Truth and Logic'
2     Phenomenalism
7     On the analysis of moral judgements
6     The Problem of Knowledge
7     The Concept of a Person
13     The Central Questions of Philosophy
M.R. Ayers
15     Individuals without Sortals
Jody Azzouni
12     Deflating Existential Consequence
Kent Bach
3     The Emperor's New 'Knows'
21     What Does It Take to Refer?
Francis Bacon
10     The Advancement of Learning
3     Preface to Great Instauration (Renewal)
2     The New Organon
1     Cogitata et Visa
2     Philosophical Studies 1611-19
1     17: Of Superstition
John Bacon
4     Tropes
Roger Bacon
1     Opus Maius (major works)
Alain Badiou
24     Briefings on Existence
6     Mathematics and Philosophy: grand and little
J Baggini / PS Fosl
18     The Philosopher's Toolkit
James Baillie
1     Problems in Personal Identity
Sarah Bakewell
2     At the Existentialist Café
Jonathan Barnes
3     Commentary on 'Posterior Analytics
Jean Baudrillard
1     works
15     The Intelligence of Evil
Alexander Baumgarten
3     Aesthetica
Thomas Bayes
1     Essay on a Problem in the Doctrine of Chances
Tim Bayne
6     Thought: a very short introduction
George Bealer
5     Propositions
JC Beall / G Restall
8     Logical Consequence
23     Logical Pluralism
Monroe Beardsley
1     Aesthetics: problems in the philosophy of criticism
Simone de Beauvoir
1     Ethics of Ambiguity
1     The Second Sex
Isaac Beeckman
1     Journals
Clive Bell
2     Art
Nuel D. Belnap
1     Tonk, Plonk and Plink
1     Conditional Assertion and Restricted Quantification
Paul Benacerraf
4     Logicism, Some Considerations (PhD)
24     What Numbers Could Not Be
3     Mathematical Truth
José A. Benardete
26     Metaphysics: the logical approach
Jonathan Bennett
1     Kant's Analytic
7     Event Causation: counterfactual analysis
2     Events and Their Names
Karen Bennett
8     Supervenience
Jeremy Bentham
2     Anarchical Fallacies: on the Declaration of Rights
9     Intro to Principles of Morals and Legislation
Henri Bergson
1     works
George Berkeley
1     The Analyst
31     The Principles of Human Knowledge
35     Three Dialogues of Hylas and Philonous
Isaiah Berlin
6     The Roots of Romanticism
1     Two Concepts of Liberty
1     The Sense of Reality
Paul Bernays
3     On Platonism in Mathematics
Bernecker / Dretske
10     Knowledge:Readings in Cont.Epist
Alex Betteridge
1     talk
Roy Bhaskar
1     A Realist Theory of Science
John Bigelow
1     Presentism and Properties
1     The Reality of Numbers
Alexander Bird
33     Nature's Metaphysics
3     Causation and the Manifestation of Powers
61     Philosophy of Science
Max Black
4     The Identity of Indiscernibles
Tim Black
2     Modal and Anti-Luck Epistemology
Simon Blackburn
2     Morals and Modals
4     Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy
1     Précis of 'Ruling Passions'
Brand Blanshard
2     The Nature of Thought
Blasius of Parma
1     Les quaestiones de anima (lectures on the soul)
Ned Block
13     Troubles with Functionalism
1     works
1     Inverted Earth
1     Semantics, Conceptual Role
1     Librium de interpretatione editio secunda
1     Second Commentary on 'Isagoge'
1     Concerning the Trinity
20     The Consolations of Philosophy
Paul Boghossian
1     The Status of Content
13     Analyticity Reconsidered
Bernard Bolzano
8     Theory of Science (4 vols)
2     Paradoxes of the Infinite
2     Commentary on Sentences
Laurence Bonjour
7     Externalist Theories of Empirical Knowledge
15     In Defence of Pure Reason
11     A Version of Internalist Foundationalism
George Boole
3     The Laws of Thought
George Boolos
1     The iterative conception of Set
1     Iteration Again
7     On Second-Order Logic
11     To be is to be the value of a variable..
1     Is Hume's Principle analytic?
10     Must We Believe in Set Theory?
David Bostock
72     Intermediate Logic
49     Philosophy of Mathematics
Nicholas Bourbaki
1     The Architecture of Mathematics
Craig Bourne
14     A Future for Presentism
Andrew Bowie
5     Introduction to German Philosophy
Richard Boyd
2     Homeostasis, Species and Higher Taxa
Robert Boyle
1     The Sceptical Chemist
10     The Origin of Forms and Qualities
2     Certain Physical Essays
F.H. Bradley
1     Ethical Studies
8     Appearance and Reality
R.B. Braithwaite
1     Scientific Explanation
1     Empiricist View of Religion
Robert B. Brandom
1     Making It Explicit
Michael Bratman
4     Intention, Plans, and Practical Reason
Richard Breheny
1     Letter to Clerk Maxwell
Franz Brentano
2     Psychology from an empirical standpoint
Bill Brewer
1     Perceptual experience has conceptual content
David O. Brink
6     Emotivism
C.D. Broad
4     Scientific Thought
1     Mind and Its Place in Nature
1     Examination of McTaggart's Philosophy
Baruch Brody
13     Identity and Essence
Berit Brogaard
1     Perceptual Content and Monadic Truth
Luitzen E.J. Brouwer
5     Intuitionism and Formalism
2     Mathematics, Science and Language
2     works
1     Consciousness, Philosophy and Mathematics
James Robert Brown
33     Philosophy of Mathematics
Giordano Bruno
1     works
Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)
3     talk
1     Papancasudani
Tyler Burge
1     Frege on Extensions from Concepts
1     Intellectual Norms and Foundations of Mind
1     Content Preservation
1     Frege on Knowing the Third Realm
1     Frege on Knowing the Foundations
1     Frege on Apriority
3     Frege on Apriority (with ps)
5     Philosophy of Mind: 1950-2000
John P. Burgess
6     Review of Chihara 'Struct. Accnt of Maths'
28     Philosophical Logic
JP Burgess / G Rosen
15     A Subject with No Object
John Buridan
4     Questions on Aristotle's Physics
1     talk
1     Questions on Aristotle's Posterior Analytics
Edmund Burke
1     Address to the Voters of Bristol
Michael Burke
8     Dion and Theon: an essentialist solution
Walter Burley
1     De formis
2     Commentary on 'Physics'
Myles F. Burnyeat
1     Aristotle on Learning to be Good
Joseph Butler
1     Fifteen Sermons
Tim Button
9     The Limits of Reason
Jean Calvin
1     works
Ross P. Cameron
14     Truthmakers, Realism and Ontology
5     Intrinsic and Extrinsic Properties
3     On the Source of Necessity
9     Truthmaking for Presentists
Keith Campbell
14     The Metaphysic of Abstract Particulars
Albert Camus
14     The Myth of Sisyphus
George Cantor
42     works
2     Grundlagen (Foundations of Theory of Manifolds)
1     Review of Frege's 'Grundlagen'
2     The Theory of Transfinite Numbers
1     Later Letters to Dedekind
1     Beitrage
Herman Cappelen
2     Philosophy without Intuitions
19     The Inessential Indexical
6     Epistemology
James Cargile
1     Paradoxes: Form and Predication
Rudolph Carnap
2     The Logical Structure of the World (Aufbau)
2     The Logical Syntax of Language
1     Letters to Schlick
1     Testability and Meaning
1     Logical Foundations of Probability
1     Meaning and Necessity
11     Empiricism, Semantics and Ontology
1     Elimination of Metaphysics by Analysis of Language
7     works (all lost)
Peter Carruthers
3     Introducing Persons
Rita Carter
19     Mapping the Mind
Helen Cartwright
1     On Plural Reference and Set Theory
Nancy Cartwright
17     How the Laws of Physics Lie
1     The Dappled World
Richard Cartwright
10     Propositions
1     Classes and Attributes
4     Some Remarks on Essentialism
2     Scattered Objects
2     Intro to 'Philosophical Essays'
Quassim Cassam
6     Introduction to 'Self-Knowledge'
Albert Casullo
1     A priori/A posteriori
6     A Priori Knowledge
Augustin-Louis Cauchy
2     Cours d'Analyse
2     On the True Doctrine (Against Christians)
Anjan Chakravarrty
6     Inessential Aristotle: Powers without Essences
David J.Chalmers
52     The Conscious Mind
2     Does Conceivability Entail Possibility?
2     Epistemic Two-Dimensional Semantics
1     Foundations of Two-Dimensional Semantics
Walter Charleton
1     Physiologia
Charles Chihara
1     Ontology and the Vicious Circle Principle
4     Constructibility and Mathematical Existence
17     A Structural Account of Mathematics
1     poems (frags)
Roderick Chisholm
6     Human Freedom and the Self
1     The Myth of the Given
1     Theory of Knowledge (2nd ed 1977)
2     Freedom and Action
1     A Realistic Theory of Categories
2     Identity through Possible Worlds
32     Person and Object
Noam Chomsky
1     Chomsky on himself
2     Syntactic Structure
1     Aspects of the Theory of Syntax
58     works (fragments)
Chuang Tzu
13     The Book of Chuang Tzu
Alonzo Church
1     A Note on the entscheidungsproblem
Paul M. Churchland
2     Eliminative Materialism and Prop. Attitudes
3     Folk Psychology
Churchland / Churchland
3     Recent Work on Consciousness
M. Tullius Cicero
7     Academica
20     On the Nature of the Gods ('De natura deorum')
3     On Duties ('De Officiis')
10     Tusculan Disputations
1     On Divination ('De divinatione')
E.M. Cioran
47     A Short History of Decay
Tom Clark
1     talk
A Clark / D Chalmers
5     The Extended Mind
4     works
Brian Clegg
20     Infinity: Quest to Think the Unthinkable
James Van Cleve
2     Why coherence is not enough
William K. Clifford
1     works
Frank Close
18     Theories of Everything
J. Alberto Coffa
5     The Semantic Tradition from Kant to Carnap
Paul J. Cohen
1     Set Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis
L. Jonathan Cohen
1     The Problem of Natural Laws
Stewart Cohen
3     Contextualism Defended
5     Contextualism Defended (and reply)
R.G. Collingwood
3     The Principles of Art
Stephen S. Colvin
6     The Common-Sense View of Reality
Mark Colyvan
21     Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics
Juan Comesańa
3     Reliabilism
Auguste Comte
13     Intro to Positive Philosophy
1     Course of Positive Philosophy
Earl Conee
4     First Things First
2     Contextualism Contested
3     Contextualism Contested (and reply)
E Conee / R Feldman
2     Evidentialism
2     Introduction to 'Evidentialism'
7     The Sayings of Confucius
Collegium Conimbricense
2     Aristotelian commentaries
Edward Conze
1     Intros to 'Buddhist Scriptures'
R Cook / P Ebert
1     Notice of Fine's 'Limits of Abstraction'
John M. Cooper
1     Aristotle on Friendship
Irving M. Copi
6     Essence and Accident
Fabrice Correia
2     On the Reduction of Necessity to Essence
5     Grounding: an opinionated introduction
Richard Corry
5     Dispositional Essentialism Grounds Laws of Nature?
John Cottingham
1     Reason, Emotions and Good Life
3     The Rationalists
12     Substance and Individuation in Leibniz
Tim Crane
3     Causation
42     Elements of Mind
Crates (Theb)
2     talk
William Crathorn
1     Sentences
2     works (all lost)
Jason Crease
1     works
Max J. Cresswell
7     Modal Logic
Roger Crisp
2     Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
Thomas M. Crisp
7     Presentism
Simon Critchley
10     Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
4     Continental Philosophy - V. Short Intro
10     Impossible Objects: interviews
1     Constitutions (lost)
1     Sisyphus (lost)
1     works (fragments)
Benedetto Croce
1     Aesthetic as Science of Expression
1     The Essence of Aesthetic
Adam Cross
1     works
Ralph Cudworth
8     On Eternal and Immutable Morality
1     Treatise of Freewill
Richard Cumberland
6     De Legibus Naturae
Gregory Currie
1     An Ontology of Art
Haskell B. Curry
3     Remarks on the definition and nature of mathematics
Chris Daly
3     Tropes
1     Areopagiticus
Adam Dance
1     works
Jonathan Dancy
52     Intro to Contemporary Epistemology
4     Intuitionism
1     Ethics without Principles
Arthur C. Danto
1     The Artworld
1     The Artworld
Charles Darwin
1     The Origin of the Species
Marian David
12     Truth-making and Correspondence
Donald Davidson
7     Action, Reasons and Causes
3     The Logical Form of Action Sentences
5     Truth and Meaning
5     The Individuation of Events
1     True to the Facts
2     Semantics for Natural Languages
1     Freedom to Act
1     The Material Mind
1     In Defence of Convention T
4     The Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme
8     Thought and Talk
2     The Method of Truth in Metaphysics
5     Reality without Reference
2     Intending
3     What Metaphors Mean
3     Intro to 'Essays on Actions and Events'
9     Coherence Theory of Truth and Knowledge
1     Knowing One's Own Mind
1     Problems in the Explanation of Action
3     Epistemology Externalized
1     The Structure and Content of Truth
7     Three Varieties of Knowledge
15     Davidson on himself
1     Replies to Critics
32     Truth and Predication
7     Causal Relations
13     Mental Events
Brian Davies
13     Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
Stephen Davies
20     The Philosophy of Art (2nd ed)
Augustus De Morgan
1     works
2     On the Syllogism IV
Richard Dedekind
4     Continuity and Irrational Numbers
21     Nature and Meaning of Numbers
1     Letter to Weber
G Deleuze / F Guattari
14     What is Philosophy?
50     works (fragments)
Democritus (attrib)
24     fragments
Daniel Dennett
2     Brainstorms:Essays on Mind and Psychology
10     Elbow Room: varieties of free will
2     works
1     Quining Qualia
24     Consciousness Explained
5     Daniel Dennett on himself
1     Darwin's Dangerous Idea
12     Kinds of Minds
8     Brainchildren
5     Sweet Dreams
Keith DeRose
6     The Case for Contextualism
Jacques Derrida
2     Implications
1     Semiology and Grammatology
2     Positions
1     later work
3     works
René Descartes
1     Rules for the Direction of the Mind
2     The World
22     A Discourse on Method
3     Letters to Mersenne
1     Letters to Voetius
114     Meditations
5     Reply to Fifth Objections
3     Reply to First Objections
1     Reply to Second Objections
1     Reply to Fourth Objections
2     Letters to Regius
7     works
1     unfinished dialogue
3     Reply to Sixth Objections
1     Letter to Mersenne
3     Comments on a Certain Broadsheet
23     Principles of Philosophy
3     Preface to 'Principles of Philosophy'
6     The Passions of the Soul
2     Two letters on mind
Michael Devitt
3     'Ostrich Nominalism' or 'Mirage Realism'?
3     There is no a Priori
2     There is No A Priori (and reply)
4     Resurrecting Biological Essentialism
3     Natural Kinds and Biological Realism
Keith Devlin
13     Goodbye Descartes
John Dewey
1     works
1     On the Soul (frags)
George Dickie
1     The Myth of the Aesthetic Attitude
1     The New Institutional Theory of Art
1     Introduction to Aesthetics
Denis Diderot
1     works
Kenelm Digby
2     Two treatises
Wilhelm Dilthey
2     works
Diodorus Cronus
4     works (fragments)
Diogenes Laertius
7     Lives of Eminent Philosophers
Diogenes (Apoll)
9     Natural Science (lost)
Diogenes (Bab)
3     works (fragments)
Diogenes (Sin)
9     talk
Keith Donnellan
8     Reference and Definite Descriptions
Cian Dorr
3     There Are No Abstract Objects
Trent Dougherty
3     Fallibilism
3     Experience First (and reply)
3     What is Knowledge-First Epistemology?
Andy Douglas
1     talk
Phil Dowe
3     Physical Causation
Fred Dretske
10     Naturalizing the Mind
1     Epistemic Operators
7     The Case against Closure (and reply)
Curt Ducasse
8     Nature and Observability of Causal Relations
Pierre Duhem
1     The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory
Michael Dummett
5     Truth
23     Frege Philosophy of Language (2nd ed)
5     The philosophical basis of intuitionist logic
11     The Justification of Deduction
2     Frege's Distinction of Sense and Reference
27     Frege philosophy of mathematics
1     Realism and Anti-Realism
21     Thought and Reality
7     The Philosophy of Mathematics
11     Truth and the Past
2     Presupposition
2     works
2     Elements of Intuitionism
9     Could There Be Unicorns?
1     The Logical Basis of Metaphysics
1     Elements of Intuitionism (2nd ed)
John Duns Scotus
1     Lectura
1     In Praed.
8     Ordinatio
2     In Metaphysics
1     Oxford Commentary on Sentences
John Dupré
17     The Disorder of Things
Antony Eagle
4     Locke on Essences and Kinds
G Edelman / G Tononi
21     Consciousness: matter becomes imagination
Dorothy Edgington
5     Do Conditionals Have Truth Conditions?
4     Conditionals
4     Two Kinds of Possibility
14     Conditionals (Stanf)
1     Epistemic and Metaphysical Possibility
Douglas Edwards
4     Properties
Albert Einstein
9     works
1     The Evolution of Physics
Crawford L. Elder
5     Real Natures and Familiar Objects
Catherine Z. Elgin
3     Non-foundationalist epistemology
Roy Ellen
4     Anthropological Studies of Classification
1     Categories, Classification, Cogn. Anthropology
Brian Ellis
1     Response to David Armstrong
35     Scientific Essentialism
41     The Philosophy of Nature: new essentialism
5     Katzav on limitations of dispositions
24     The Metaphysics of Scientific Realism
19     On Nature (frags)
1     Purifications (frags)
Herbert B. Enderton
8     Elements of Set Theory
30     A Mathematical Introduction to Logic (2nd)
Pascal Engel
16     Truth
George Engelbretsen
14     Trees, Terms and Truth
8     Philosophical Logic: Intro to Advanced Topics
Friedrich Engels
1     Speeches in Elberfeld
7     comedies (frags)
5     The Discourses
1     The Handbook
25     Letter to Herodotus
3     Letter to Pythocles
16     Letter to Menoeceus
3     On Nature (frags)
2     On the Goal (frags)
2     Against Theophrastus (frags)
29     works (fragments)
11     Principle Doctrines ('Kuriai Doxai') (frags)
1     Vatican Sayings
Desiderius Erasmus
1     works
Michael Esfeld
1     Humean metaphysics vs metaphysics of Powers
John Etchemendy
2     Tarski on Truth and Logical Consequence
2     The Concept of Logical Consequence
3     works (fragments)
2     dialogues (lost)
11     Elements of Geometry
Leonhard Euler
1     Letters to a German Princess
1     The Bacchae
1     works (all lost)
Eustachius a Sancto Paulo
2     Summa
Gareth Evans
9     The Causal Theory of Names
6     Can there be Vague Objects?
1     Molyneux's Question
2     Reference and Contingency
4     The Varieties of Reference
A.C. Ewing
1     The Definition of Good
David Fair
2     Causation and the Flow of Energy
Michael Faraday
1     Experimental Researches in Electricity
Graham Farmelo
3     The Strangest Man
Feferman / Feferman
12     Alfred Tarski: life and logic
R Feldman / E Conee
4     Evidentialism
J.H. Fetzer
4     A World of Dispositions
Ludwig Feuerbach
7     Towards a Critique of Hegel's Philosophy
1     Fragments on My Philosophical Development
8     Introduction of 'Essence of Christianity'
1     On 'The Beginning of Philosophy'
24     Principles of Philosophy of the Future
Paul Feyerabend
2     Against Method
Richard P. Feynman
4     The Character of Physical Law
Johann Fichte
2     works
Hartry Field
21     Science without Numbers
1     Realism, Mathematics and Modality
7     Apriority as an Evaluative Notion
4     Causation in a Physical World
9     Tarski's Theory of Truth
1     Recent Debates on the A Priori
Kit Fine
11     Vagueness, Truth and Logic
1     Model Theory for Modal Logic I
2     Quine on Quantifying In
6     Aristotle on Matter
21     Essence and Modality
1     A Puzzle Concerning Matter and Form
12     Ontological Dependence
7     Senses of Essence
5     Cantorian Abstraction: Recon. and Defence
8     Things and Their Parts
5     Neutral Relations
17     The Question of Realism
3     The Varieties of Necessity
11     The Limits of Abstraction
2     The Problem of Possibilia
9     Intro to 'Modality and Tense'
16     Necessity and Non-Existence
4     Precis of 'Limits of Abstraction'
14     Replies on 'Limits of Abstraction'
18     Semantic Relationism
3     Our Knowledge of Mathematical Objects
5     In Defence of Three-Dimensionalism
9     The Question of Ontology
2     Some Puzzles of Ground
21     Guide to Ground
6     Semantic Necessity
James Gordon Finlayson
3     Habermas
Roderick Firth
1     Sense Data and the Percept Theory
Jennifer Fisher
10     On the Philosophy of Logic
Melvin Fitting
7     Intensional Logic
M Fitting/R Mendelsohn
44     First-Order Modal Logic
Richard Fitzralph
1     Sentences
Owen Flanagan
23     The Problem of the Soul
Antony Flew
3     Theology and Falsification
Pamela Foa
4     What's Wrong with Rape?
Jerry A. Fodor
1     How there could be a private language
27     Psychosemantics
3     Making Mind Matter More
30     The Elm and the Expert
7     Jerry A. Fodor on himself
12     Concepts:where went wrong
41     In a Critical Condition
41     LOT 2
2     The Language of Thought
5     works
J Fodor / E Lepore
1     Holism: a Shopper's Guide
Robert Fogelin
22     Walking the Tightrope of Reason
Richard Foley
1     The Theory of Epistemic Rationality
4     Justified Belief as Responsible Belief
Philippa Foot
3     Killing and Letting Die
Graeme Forbes
25     The Metaphysics of Modality
7     In Defense of Absolute Essentialism
Peter Forrest
1     Ways Worlds Could Be
1     General Facts,Phys Necessity, and Metaph of Time
Michel Foucault
8     Truth and Power (interview)
1     works
1     Power/Knowledge
1     Space, Knowledge and Power (interview)
3     On the Genealogy of Ethics
8     Ethics of the Concern for Self as Freedom
Bas C. van Fraassen
6     The Empirical Stance
5     The Scientific Image
Francis of Marchia
1     Commentary on Sentences
Harry G. Frankfurt
16     The Reasons of Love
7     Freedom of the Will and concept of a person
Benjamin Franklin
2     Advice to a Young Tradesman
Michael Frede
1     Individuals in Aristotle
1     Title, Unity, Authenticity of the 'Categories'
Gottlob Frege
2     Rechnungsmethoden (dissertation)
18     Begriffsschrift
1     Boole calculus and the Concept script
170     Grundlagen der Arithmetik (Foundations)
25     works
13     Function and Concept
9     On Concept and Object
32     On Sense and Reference
9     Grundgesetze der Arithmetik 1 (Basic Laws)
15     Review of Husserl's 'Phil of Arithmetic'
1     Elucidation of some points in E.Schröder
1     Logic [1897]
1     On Euclidean Geometry
3     Letters to Russell
12     Grundgesetze der Arithmetik 2 (Basic Laws)
4     Letters to Jourdain
20     Logic in Mathematics
13     The Thought: a Logical Enquiry
1     Sources of Knowledge of Mathematics
Sigmund Freud
2     works
Michčle Friend
41     Introducing the Philosophy of Mathematics
Roger Fry
11     An Essay in Aesthetics
Hans-Georg Gadamer
1     Truth and Method
1     On Medical Experience
2     On Hippocrates and Plato
Galileo Galilei
4     Il Saggiatore ('The Assayer')
1     Two Chief World Systems
André Gallois
4     Occasions of Identity
3     Identity over Time
David Galloway
1     lectures
Daniel Garber
2     Leibniz:Body,Substance,Monad
Sebastian Gardner
4     Aesthetics
6     Kant and the Critique of Pure Reason
Pierre Gassendi
1     Objections to 'Meditations' (Fifth)
1     Disquisitions
4     Syntagma
Carl Friedrich Gauss
1     Letter to Shumacher
Peter Geach
5     Reference and Generality (3rd ed)
16     Mental Acts: their content and their objects
5     Abstraction Reconsidered
Susan A. Gelman
32     The Essential Child
Gerhard Gentzen
1     Investigations into Logical Deduction
5     works
A.George / D.J.Velleman
41     Philosophies of Mathematics
Robert Geroch
1     Mathematical Physics
Edmund L. Gettier
1     Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?
Allan Gibbard
14     Contingent Identity
Andrew Gibson
1     talk
Harry Gildersleve
1     talk
Giles of Orleans
1     On 'Generation and Corruption'
Mary Louise Gill
3     Aristotle on Substance
Carol Gilligan
1     In a Different Voice
Carl Ginet
2     Infinitism not solution to regress problem
Rod Girle
15     Modal Logics and Philosophy
Stuart Glennan
7     Mechanisms
Jonathan Glover
35     Causing Death and Saving Lives
6     Introductions to Utilitarianism and its Critics
Kurt Gödel
6     works
1     Completeness of Axioms of Logic
17     On Formally Undecidable Propositions
8     Russell's Mathematical Logic
6     What is Cantor's Continuum Problem?
Wolfgang von Goethe
7     Maxims and Reflections
Erving Goffman
1     Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
Alvin I. Goldman
4     What is Justified Belief?
1     The Internalist Conception of Justification
6     Phil Applications of Cognitive Science
5     Internalism Exposed
Nelson Goodman
1     The Problem of Counterfactual Conditionals
5     Fact, Fiction and Forecast (4th ed)
13     Ways of Worldmaking
6     The Structure of Appearance
4     Languages of Art (2nd edn)
1     The Languages of Art
1     Steps Towards a Constructive Nominalism
1     Fragments of Gorgias
1     Fragments and accounts of Gorgias
1     On Being (frags)
Gordon Graham
14     Eight Theories of Ethics
Antonio Gramsci
7     Selections from Prison Notebooks
John Gray
7     Straw Dogs
A.C. Grayling
1     Wittgenstein
2     Russell
6     What is Good?
2     Among the Dead Cities
John Greco
3     The Value Problem
H. Paul Grice
3     Meaning
3     Some Models for Implicature
4     Logic and Conversation
P Grice / P Strawson
1     In Defense of a Dogma
Stephen R. Grimm
3     Understanding
Robert Grosseteste
1     Commentary on 'Posterior Analytics'
Hugo Grotius
6     On the Law of War and Peace
Thomas Grundmann
7     Defeasibility Theory
Robert van Gulick
8     Mirror Mirror - Is That All?
Anil Gupta
4     Truth
12     Definitions
Susan Haack
2     Philosophy of Logics
Jürgen Habermas
8     The Theory of Communicative Action
2     Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action
1     Between Facts and Norms
1     On the Pragmatics of Communications
Ian Hacking
8     The Emergence of Probability
11     What is Logic?
Pierre Hadot
3     Philosophy as a way of life
Volker Halbach
10     Axiomatic Theories of Truth (2005 ver)
47     Axiomatic Theories of Truth
10     Axiomatic Theories of Truth (2013 ver)
Bob Hale
23     Abstract Objects
8     Absolute Necessities
1     Reals by Abstraction
5     The Source of Necessity
23     Necessary Beings
Bob Hale/ Aviv Hoffmann
1     Introduction to 'Modality'
B Hale / C Wright
8     Intro to 'The Reason's Proper Study'
5     Logicism in the 21st Century
10     The Metaontology of Abstraction
A.R. Hall
1     The Scientific Revolution 1500-1800
Michael Hallett
4     Introduction to Zermelo's 1930 paper
J.G. Hamann
2     works
Stuart Hampshire
1     Thought and Responsibility
Robert Hanna
28     Rationality and Logic
Eduard Hanslick
1     The Beautiful in Music
Yuval Noah Harari
29     Sapiens: brief history of humankind
Richard M. Hare
2     The Language of Morals
4     Moral Thinking: Its Levels,Method and Point
10     Universal Prescriptivism
1     Freedom and Reason
Gilbert Harman
1     Induction
29     Thought
6     Rationality
1     The Inference to the Best Explanation
2     Human Flourishing, Ethics and Liberty
10     Change in View: Principles of Reasoning
16     (Nonsolipsistic) Conceptual Role Semantics
1     The Intrinsic Quality of Experience
4     Moral Philosophy meets social psychology
Rom Harré
27     Laws of Nature
102     Causal Powers
H.L.A. Hart
3     The Concept of Law
William D. Hart
1     Hat-Tricks and Heaps
45     The Evolution of Logic
Verity Harte
7     Plato on Parts and Wholes
Sally Haslanger
8     Persistence, Change and Explanation
Katherine Hawley
39     How Things Persist
John Hawthorne
8     Causal Structuralism
1     Identity
4     The Case for Closure
4     Three-Dimensionalism v Four-Dimensionalism
F.A. Hayek
1     The Road to Serfdom
1     The Mirage of Social Justice
1     works (fragments)
Richard G. Heck
11     Cardinality, Counting and Equinumerosity
Georg W.F.Hegel
1     Oldest System Prog. of German Idealism
17     Phenomenology of Spirit
15     works
3     Science of Logic
36     Logic (from Encyclopaedia)
4     Lectures on Aesthetics
2     Elements of the Philosophy of Right
1     Introduction to the Philosophy of History
Martin Heidegger
19     Being and Time
1     Contributions of Philosophy (On Appropriation)
1     Contributions to Philosophy
1     Martin Heidegger in conversation
3     History of the Concept of Time
2     Basic Problems of Phenomenology
1     The Origin of the Work of Art
John Heil
37     Philosophy of Mind
54     From an Ontological Point of View
7     Relations
43     The Universe as We Find It
Werner Heisenberg
1     Ancient Thought in Modern Physics
17     Physics and Philosophy
Geoffrey Hellman
3     Mathematics without Numbers
2     Structuralism
Hermann von Helmholtz
2     On the Conservation of Force
Carl Hempel
3     Aspects of Scientific Explanation
Robin F. Hendry
11     Chemistry
Henry of Ghent
3     Quodlibeta
29     On Nature (frags)
7     The Fragments of Heraclitus
Johann Herbart
1     works
Johann Gottfried Herder
1     On Recent German Literature. Fragments
3     works
1     works (fragments)
1     The Histories
1     works
Gavin Hesketh
20     The Particle Zoo
Stephen Hetherington
1     The Gettier Problem
Arend Heyting
1     Intuitionism: an Introduction
John Hick
3     Theology and Verification
David Hilbert
4     Foundations of Geometry
1     Letter to Frege 29.12.1899
4     works
2     On the Foundations of Logic and Arithmetic
6     Axiomatic Thought
10     On the Infinite
1     The Foundations of Mathematics
1     Principles of Theoretical Logic
Nicholas Hill
1     Philosophia Epicurea
Hillel the Elder
1     talk
Jaakko Hintikka
2     Semantics for Propositional Attitudes
1     talk
Thomas Hobbes
6     Human Nature
9     The Elements of Law
1     De Mundo (On the World)
2     Letter to Bramhall
38     Leviathan
2     Letters to the Lord Marquis of Newcastle
1     Of Liberty and Necessity
40     De Corpore (Elements, First Section)
Harold Hodes
10     Logicism and Ontological Commits. of Arithmetic
Wilfrid Hodges
8     First-Order Logic
8     Model Theory
Carl Hoefer
1     The Metaphysics of Space-Time Substantivalism
J Hoffman/G Rosenkrantz
4     Platonistic Theories of Universals
Thomas Hofweber
10     Number Determiners, Numbers, Arithmetic
4     Inexpressible Properties and Propositions
3     Ambitious, yet modest, Metaphysics
4     The Iliad
Brad W. Hooker
2     Prescriptivism
4     Rule Utilitarianism and Euthanasia
Richard Hooker
4     Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity
Terence Horgan
6     From Supervenience to Superdupervenience
Max Horkheimer
1     works
Jennifer Hornsby
1     Actions
Leon Horsten
4     Philosophy of Mathematics
46     The Tarskian Turn
9     Mathematical Methods in Philosophy
Paul Horwich
2     Lewis's Programme
11     Truth (2nd edn)
2     Bayesianism
7     Stipulation, Meaning and Apriority
Keith Hossack
21     Plurals and Complexes
GE Hughes/M Cresswell
4     An Introduction to Modal Logic
David Hume
58     Treatise of Human Nature
4     Letters
7     Treatise of Human Nature, + Appendix
1     Nine political essays
6     Of the original contract
83     Enquiry Conc Human Understanding
1     Of Miracles
3     That Politics may be reduced to a Science
2     Of the First Principles of Government
1     Of the Origin of Government
1     Of Civil Liberty
25     Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
12     Enquiry concerning Principles of Morals
2     Of the standard of taste
1     On suicide
Rosalind Hursthouse
1     Virtue Theory and Abortion
30     On Virtue Ethics
Edmund Husserl
7     Philosophy of Arithmetic
1     works
4     Logical Investigations
5     Ideas: intro to pure phenomenology
3     Formal and Transcendental Logic
3     Cartesian Meditations
Francis Hutcheson
14     Treatise 2: Virtue or Moral Good
6     Treatise 4: The Moral Sense
T.H. Huxley
2     Method and Results
1     Life of Pythagoras
Peter van Inwagen
43     Material Beings
1     Response to Slote
1     Existence,Ontological Commitment and Fictions
1     An Essay on Free Will
1     Triagmos (lost)
1     works
3     23: Book of Isaiah
Frank Jackson
2     Statements about Universals
2     On Assertion and Indicative Conditionals
1     Conditionals and Possibilia
3     Epiphenomenal Qualia
3     What Mary Didn't Know
1     Conditionals
27     From Metaphysics to Ethics
9     Conditionals
4     Possible Worlds and Necessary A Posteriori
1     Three theses about dispositions
Friedrich Jacobi
2     Letter to Fichte
Jonathan D. Jacobs
13     A Powers Theory of Modality
Dale Jacquette
22     Ontology
6     Intro to 'Philosophy of Logic'
1     Intro to I: Classical Logic
2     Intro to III: Quantifiers
Mark Jago
1     Paraconsistent Logic
William James
1     The Will to Believe
2     Does Consciousness Exist?
20     Pragmatism - eight lectures
Christopher Janaway
1     Schopenhauer
Karl Jaspers
11     Philosophy
Thomas Jefferson
1     U.S. Declaration of Independence
Richard Jeffrey
2     The Logic of Decision
Carrie Jenkins
17     Grounding Concepts
1     24: Book of Jeremiah
12     talk
William S. Jevons
1     The Principles of Science
St John
2     23: First Epistle of John
1     25: Third Epistle of John
2     04: Gospel of St John
Paul Johnson
16     The History of the Jews
Samuel Johnson
1     works
P. Johnson-Laird
1     Mental Models
Nicholas Jolley
1     Leibniz
Jan-Erik Jones
1     Real Essence
Jack Joslin
1     talk
Joseph Joubert
15     Notebooks
James Joule
2     works
Michael Jubien
30     Possibility
8     Ontology and Mathematical Truth
14     Analyzing Modality
Yale Kamisar
2     Against Euthanasia
Immanuel Kant
1     Lectures on Ethics
205     Critique of Pure Reason
25     Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysic
5     Idea for a Universal History
1     Answer to 'What is Enlightenment?'
65     Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals
1     Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science
33     Critique of Practical Reason
11     Critique of Judgement I: Aesthetic
3     Critique of Judgement II: Teleological
14     True in Theory, but not in Practice
10     Perpetual Peace
2     Wiener Logik
13     Metaphysics of Morals I: Doctrine of Right
29     Metaphysics of Morals II:Doctrine of Virtue
David Kaplan
6     Transworld Heir Lines
1     Dthat
4     How to Russell a Frege-Church
2     Demonstratives
R Kaplan / E Kaplan
6     The Art of the Infinite
Jerrold J. Katz
9     Realistic Rationalism
R Keefe / P Smith
17     Intro: Theories of Vagueness
John Kekes
27     The Human Condition
Lord Kelvin (Wm Thomson)
1     works
Gary Kemp
4     Croce and Collingwood
Sřren Kierkegaard
1     Letter to Peter Wilhelm Lund
4     Either/Or: a fragment of life
2     Fear and Trembling
2     Philosophical Fragments
13     Concluding Unscientific Postscript
1     Works of Love
1     Sickness unto Death
6     The Journals of Kierkegaard
1     Attack Upon Christendom
1     The Concept of Dread (/Anxiety)
Jaegwon Kim
1     Causes and Events: Mackie on causation
5     Causes and Counterfactuals
6     Events as property exemplifications
1     Psychophysical supervenience
1     Concepts of supervenience
1     Epiphenomenal and supervenient causation
1     What is 'naturalized epistemology'?
1     Mechanism, purpose and explan. exclusion
2     Postscripts on supervenience
67     Philosophy of Mind
18     Mind in a Physical World
Robert Kirk
15     Mind and Body
Richard L. Kirkham
7     Theories of Truth: a Critical Introduction
Philip Kitcher
32     The Nature of Mathematical Knowledge
4     A Priori Knowledge Revisited
Peter Klein
4     Infinitism solution to regress problem
Morris Kline
1     Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times
W Kneale / M Kneale
1     The Development of Logic
Peter Koellner
6     On the Question of Absolute Undecidability
Lawrence Kohlberg
1     works
Hilary Kornblith
1     Internalism and Externalism: a History
Christine M. Korsgaard
5     Aristotle and Kant on the Source of Value
1     Creating the Kingdom of Ends
5     Intro to 'Creating the Kingdom of Ends'
Kathrin Koslicki
5     Isolation and Non-arbitrary Division
22     The Structure of Objects
9     Essence, Necessity and Explanation
8     Varieties of Ontological Dependence
Lawrence M. Krauss
9     A Universe from Nothing
Georg Kreisel
3     Hilbert's Programme
U Kriegel / K Williford
5     Intro to 'Self-Representational Consciousness'
Saul A. Kripke
90     Naming and Necessity lectures
8     Identity and Necessity
14     Naming and Necessity notes and addenda
5     Outline of a Theory of Truth
8     Naming and Necessity preface
4     A Completeness Theorem in Modal Logic
1     A Problem about Substitutional Quantification?
6     Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language
Leopold Kronecker
2     works
Peter (Pyotr) Kropotkin
1     Law and Authority
Thomas S. Kuhn
3     Structure of Scientific Revolutions (2nd ed)
3     Reflections on my Critics
Manjit Kumar
1     Quantum: Einstein and Bohr
Kenneth Kunen
11     Set Theory
1     The Foundations of Mathematics (2nd ed)
Joan Kung
5     Aristotle on Essence and Explanation
Wolfgang Künne
1     Conceptions of Truth
Martin Kusch
28     Knowledge by Agreement
Jonathan Kvanvig
4     Truth is not the Primary Epistemic Goal
2     Epistemic Justification
3     Virtue Epistemology
1     The Value of Knowledge and the Pursuit of Understanding
Henry E. Kyburg Jr
1     Probability and Logic of Rational Belief
Will Kymlicka
29     Contemporary Political Philosophy: Intro
La Mettrie
8     Machine Man
A.R. Lacey
3     A Dictionary of Philosophy
J Ladyman / D Ross
60     Every Thing Must Go
Hugh LaFollette
6     Introductions in 'Ethics in Practice'
3     Introductions to 'Aesthetics and the Phil of Art'
Lao Tzu
13     Tao Te Ching
Pierre Simon de Laplace
2     Philosophical Essay on Probability
Michael Lavers
1     talk
Shaughan Lavine
33     Understanding the Infinite
Henry Laycock
10     Words without Objects
Robin Le Poidevin
4     Past, Present and Future of Debate about Tense
11     Intro to 'Questions of Time and Tense'
3     Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
Keith Lehrer
2     Theory of Knowledge (2nd edn)
3     Consciousness,Represn, and Knowledge
Gottfried Leibniz
1     Confessio naturae contra atheistas
2     Letters to Thomasius
1     Elements of Law and Justice
1     What is an Idea?
1     The Human Body is a sort of Machine
1     On the Reality of Accidents
1     Aristotle and Descartes on Matter
1     Notes on John Wilkins
2     Letters to Foucher
1     Pacidius Philalethi dialogue
1     Meditatio de principio individui
1     Paper of December 1676
2     De arcanus motus
1     On Motion
2     Dialogue on Things and Words
3     Towards a Universal Characteristic
4     Conspectus libelli (book outline)
1     De Natura Corporis
2     Definitiones cogitationesque metaphysicae
3     Of Organum or Ars Magna of Thinking
58     works
2     Introduction to a Secret Encyclopaedia
1     Preface to Universal Characteristic
1     De aequopollentia causae et effectus
1     Calculus Ratiocinator
2     On Perceptions
1     Precepts for Advancing Science and Arts
4     Reflections on Knowledge, Truth and Ideas
3     De modo distinguendi phaenomena
41     Letters to Antoine Arnauld
3     A Specimen of Discoveries
1     Primary Truths
13     Discourse on Metaphysics
2     De Mundo Praesenti
4     Letters to Johann Bernoulli
4     Letters to Queen Charlotte
5     On Body and Force, Against the Cartesians
1     Reply to 'Rorarius' 2nd ed
1     Letters to Pierre Bayle
1     Letters to Varignon
2     Letters to Thomas Burnett
106     New Essays on Human Understanding
3     On Note L to Bayle's 'Rorarius'
7     Principle of Life and Plastic Natures
26     Letters to Burcher De Volder
2     Letters to Coste
1     Letters to Wagner
16     The Theodicy
2     Metaphysical conseqs of principle of reason
1     Geometrical Method and Metaphysics
5     Principles of Nature and Grace based on Reason
13     Letters to Des Bosses
1     Letters to Wolff
4     Letters to Remond de Montmort
19     Monadology
14     Letters to Samuel Clarke
1     Letters to Samuel Masson
1     True Method in Philosophy and Theology
1     Identity in Substances and True Propositions
2     On Sufficient Reason
2     A General Principle to Explain Laws of Nature
4     On Freedom
1     Letter on Freedom
2     On Copernicanism and Relativity of Motion
1     Specimen inventorum
2     Notes on Comments by Fardella
2     The Nature and Communication of Substance
1     Letters to Fardella
1     Of liberty, Fate and God's grace
1     Human Freedom and Divine choice
3     Exigency to Exist in Essences
2     Letters to Paul Pellison-Fontinier
1     Letters to Jacques Lenfant
2     On Wisdom
1     Reply to Foucher
1     De primae philosophiae emendatione
4     Dialogue on human freedom and origin of evil
5     New system of communication of substances
4     New System and Explanation of New System
1     On the Principles of Indiscernibles
7     On the Ultimate Origination of Things
3     A Résumé of Metaphysics
1     Letters to Bouvet
8     On Nature Itself (De Ipsa Natura)
2     Letter to the Editor about Bayle
1     Letters to Lelong
E.J. Lemmon
52     Beginning Logic
Jacques Lenfant
1     Letters to Leibniz
Armand Marie LeRoi
1     The Lagoon: how Aristotle invented science
Stanislaw Lesniewski
1     works
1     On Mind (frags)
Bert Leuridan
11     Can Mechanisms Replace Laws of Nature?
Emmanuel Levinas
2     works
Joseph Levine
3     Purple Haze
David Lewis
2     An Argument for the Identity Theory
7     Counterpart theory and Quant. Modal Logic
1     Anselm and Actuality
6     How to Define Theoretical Terms
3     Psychophysical and theoretical identifications
1     works
15     Causation
3     Counterfactuals
3     Possible Worlds
1     Probabilities of Conditionals
5     Attitudes De Dicto and De Se
1     Counterfactual Dependence and Time's Arrow
3     Mad Pain and Martian Pain
1     Subjectivist's Guide to Objective Chance
32     New work for a theory of universals
3     Extrinsic Properties
1     Survival and Identity, with postscript
1     Introduction to Philosophical Papers I
12     Causal Explanation
7     Events
35     Parts of Classes
5     Putnam's Paradox
1     Modal Realism at Work: Properties
17     Against Structural Universals
2     Comment on Armstrong and Forrest
94     On the Plurality of Worlds
2     Introduction to Philosophical Papers II
1     Rearrangement of Particles
1     Vague Identity: Evans misunderstood
4     Noneism or Allism?
5     Armstrong on combinatorial possibility
4     Many, but almost one
11     Mathematics is Megethology
12     Lewis: reduction of mind (on himself)
1     Should a materialist believe in qualia?
5     Elusive Knowledge
4     Finkish dispositions
4     Defining 'Intrinsic' (with Rae Langton)
1     A world of truthmakers?
3     Forget the 'correspondence theory of truth'
1     Things qua Truthmakers
C.I. Lewis
7     A Pragmatic Conception of the A Priori
1     Symbolic Logic (with Langford)
2     works
2     An Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation
C.S. Lewis
1     works
Benjamin Libet
2     Unconscious Cerebral Initiative
David Liggins
3     Nihilism without Self-Contradiction
9     Truth-makers and dependence
Řystein Linnebo
5     Plural Quantification Exposed
10     Plural Quantification
9     Structuralism and the Notion of Dependence
Bernard Linsky
2     Quantification and Descriptions
Seymour Lipschutz
1     Set Theory and related topics (2nd ed)
Justus Lipsius
1     works
Peter Lipton
56     Inference to the Best Explanation (2nd)
John Locke
50     Second Treatise of Government
1     Letters to William Molyneux
226     Essay Conc Human Understanding (2nd Ed)
2     Letters to Edward Stillingfleet
Michael Lockwood
1     Identity and Reference
3     When Does a Life Begin?
20     Mind, Brain and the Quantum
Lawrence B. Lombard
1     Events
Michael J. Loux
6     Metaphysics: contemporary introduction
M Loux / D Zimmerman
1     Intro to Oxford Hndbk of Metaphysics
E.J. Lowe
8     Locke on Human Understanding
67     The Possibility of Metaphysics
45     Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind
45     A Survey of Metaphysics
4     Individuation
6     Two Notions of Being: Entity and Essence
3     An essentialist approach to Truth-making
19     What is the Source of Knowledge of Modal Truths?
1     Lewis on Perdurance versus Endurance
1     Things
42     On the Nature of the Universe
Jan Lukasiewicz
1     Elements of Mathematical Logic
2     Ars Magna
Martin Luther
2     talk
William Lycan
6     The Trouble with Possible Worlds
24     Consciousness
5     Introduction - Ontology
1     works (all lost)
4     The Impossibility of Superdupervenience
William Lyons
6     Approaches to Intentionality
Danielle Macbeth
4     Pragmatism and Objective Truth
Fraser MacBride
2     Structuralism Reconsidered
20     Truthmakers
3     Relations
Cynthia Macdonald
32     Varieties of Things
Ernst Mach
1     Popular Scientific Lectures
13     Thinking About Mechanisms
Edouard Machery
51     Doing Without Concepts
Alasdair MacIntyre
11     A Short History of Ethics
27     After Virtue: a Study in Moral Theory
1     Whose Justice? Which Rationality?
J.L. Mackie
2     Evil and Omnipotence
1     Ethics: Inventing Right and Wrong
9     Causes and Conditions
Penelope Mackie
18     How Things Might Have Been
Saunders MacLane
1     Mathematics: Form and Function
Penelope Maddy
11     Believing the Axioms I
8     Sets and Numbers
4     Realism in Mathematics
26     Naturalism in Mathematics
1     Second Philosophy
7     Defending the Axioms
Bryan Magee
1     Confessions of a Philosopher
Ofra Magidor
51     Category Mistakes
1     The Great Event
Naguib Mahfouz
1     works
Moses Maimonides
2     The Guide of the Perplexed
Norman Malcolm
1     Wittgenstein's 'Philosophical Investigations'
1     Anselm's Argument
Nicolas Malebranche
1     The Union of Body and Soul
2     The Search After Truth
Paolo Mancosu
1     Explanation in Mathematics
Ruth Barcan Marcus
9     Essential Attribution
13     Nominalism and Substitutional Quantifiers
Edwin D. Mares
13     A Priori
14     Negation
E Margolis/S Laurence
23     Concepts
St Mark
1     02: Gospel of St Mark
Ned Markosian
13     A Defense of Presentism
David Marshall
1     talk
Brian R. Martin
14     Particle Physics
C.B. Martin
28     The Mind in Nature
Michael Martin
3     Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
R Martin / J Barresi
4     Introduction to 'Personal Identity'
Karl Marx
1     Contrib to Critique of Hegel's Phil of Right
1     On the Jewish Question
4     Theses on Feuerbach
4     works
1     Capital Vol. 1
K Marx / F Engels
22     The German Ideology
7     The Communist Manifesto
Keith T. Maslin
10     Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind
Tim Maudlin
31     The Metaphysics within Physics
Barry Maund
8     Perception
Thomas Mautner
30     Penguin Dictionary of Philosophy
Tim Mawson
1     Animal Rights talk
John Mayberry
31     What Required for Foundation for Maths?
J.R. Mayer
1     Remarks on the forces of inorganic Nature
John McDowell
5     Mind and World
Ian McFetridge
2     Truth, Correspondence, Explanation and Knowledge
10     Logical Necessity: Some Issues
Vann McGee
8     Logical Consequence
Colin McGinn
3     Subjective View: sec qualities and indexicals
8     The Mysterious Flame
40     Logical Properties
2     The Making of a Philosopher
2     On the Necessity of Origin
1     The Structure of Content
2     The Problem of Consciousness
Timothy McGrew
10     Evidence
Alan McMichael
5     The Epistemology of Essentialist Claims
J.M.E. McTaggart
8     The Nature of Existence
Quentin Meillassoux
25     After Finitude; the necessity of contingency
Alexius Meinong
6     The Theory of Objects
Alfred R. Mele
1     Springs of Action
Joseph Melia
17     Modality
3     On Being (lost)
1     Fragments of Melissus
D.H. Mellor
5     Properties and Predicates
3     The Facts of Causation
DH Mellor / T Crane
4     There is no question of physicalism
DH Mellor / A Oliver
4     Introduction to 'Properties'
Mencius (Mengzi)
7     Mencius
Dmitri Mendeleev
4     The Principles of Chemistry
1     talk
Maurice Merleau-Ponty
1     Phenomenology of Perception
1     In Praise of Philosophy
Trenton Merricks
17     Propositions
28     Objects and Persons
2     Goodbye Growing Block
26     Truth and Ontology
Metrodorus (Chi)
1     Natural Science (lost)
Metrodorus (Lamp)
1     Fragments
5     The Fourth Revolution
John Stuart Mill
50     System of Logic
26     On Liberty
17     Utilitarianism
4     Representative Government
2     Examination of Sir Wm Hamilton's Philosophy
1     Autobiography
8     Nature and Utility of Religion
Ruth Garrett Millikan
1     Thoughts without Laws
Tom Milsted
1     talk
Hermann Minkowski
1     Space and Time
Mirabeau and committee
8     Declaration of the Rights of Man
Cheryl Misak
12     Pragmatism and Deflationism
Alistair Mitchell
1     talk
Daniel M. Mittag
4     Evidentialism
1     works
23     The Koran
George Molnar
38     Powers
Ray Monk
1     Bertrand Russell: Spirit of Solitude
2     Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
Richard Montague
1     English as a Formal Language
Michel de Montaigne
6     Apology for Raymond Sebond
1     I.7 Our deeds are judged by intention
1     III.12 On physiognomy
4     III.10 On Restraining your Will
Baron de Montesquieu
56     The Spirit of the Laws (rev. 1757)
G.E. Moore
3     The Nature of Judgement
12     Principia Ethica
1     works
1     Some Main Problems of Philosophy
1     External and Internal Relations
1     Some Judgements of Perception
1     Proof of an External World
Henry More
1     Immortality of the Soul
Thomas More
5     Utopia
J.P. Moreland
24     Universals
Lloyd Morgan
1     Emergent Evolution
Sidney Morganbesser
1     talk
6     Truth-makers
Stephen Mumford
41     Dispositions
24     Laws in Nature
4     Metaphysics: a very short introduction
1     Contemporary Efficient Causation: Aristotelian themes
S.Mumford/R.Lill Anjum
1     Dispositional Modality
46     Getting Causes from Powers
Iris Murdoch
1     Against Dryness: a polemical sketch
Gregory L. Murphy
24     The Big Book of Concepts
Alan Musgrave
8     Logicism Revisited
1     teachings
1     Mahaprajnaparamitashastra
Thomas Nagel
3     The Absurd
2     Brain Bisection and Unity of Consciousness
5     What is it like to be a bat?
2     Moral Luck
8     Equality
2     Panpsychism
5     Subjective and Objective
1     MacIntyre versus the Enlightenment
7     Equality and Partiality
1     The Philosophical Culture
1     The Psychophysical Nexus
22     The View from Nowhere
1     What Does It All Mean?
Ernest Nagel
1     The Structure of Science
E Nagel / JR Newman
1     Gödel's Proof
Alexander Nehamas
2     Episteme and Logos in later Plato
3     Introduction to 'Virtues of Authenticity'
Ram Neta
2     The Basing Relation
John von Neumann
5     On the Introduction of Transfinite Numbers
2     An Axiomatization of Set Theory
2     works
Otto Neurath
1     works
2     Protocol Sentences
New Scientist writers
26     New Scientist articles
41     Why the Universe Exists
Isaac Newton
1     Universal Arithmetick
37     Principia Mathematica
6     Letters to Bentley
1     Letters to Leibniz 1
1     Queries to the 'Opticks'
W.H. Newton-Smith
17     The Rationality of Science
Nicholas of Autrecourt
1     Tractatus
Friedrich Nietzsche
1     The Birth of Tragedy
1     On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense
30     Unpublished Writings 1872-74
1     Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks
53     Human, All Too Human
1     The Wanderer and his Shadow
48     Dawn (Daybreak)
24     The Gay Science
23     Thus Spake Zarathustra
21     Works (refs to 8 vol Colli and Montinari)
34     Beyond Good and Evil
19     On the Genealogy of Morals
78     Writings from Late Notebooks
81     The Will to Power (notebooks)
49     Twilight of the Idols
8     Ecce Homo
11     The Anti-Christ
Harold Noonan
9     Identity
8     Miscellaneous Observations
7     Logological Fragments I
5     Logological Fragments II
1     Fath and Love, or the King and Queen
1     Teplitz Fragments
1     General Draft
5     Last Fragments
Robert Nozick
2     Philosophical Explanations
11     Anarchy,State, and Utopia
1     works (fragments)
Martha Nussbaum
1     Rawls and Feminism
19     Creating Capabilities
D.J. O'Connor
8     The Correspondence Theory of Truth
David S. Oderberg
22     Real Essentialism
Paul O'Grady
24     Relativism
Samir Okasha
1     Darwinian Metaphysics: Species and Essentialism
Johanna Oksala
4     Political Philosophy: all that matters
Alex Oliver
29     The Metaphysics of Properties
10     What are Sets and What are they For?
Peter John Olivi
1     Treatise on Quantity
3     Summa quaestionum super Sententias
Eric T. Olson
2     The Human Animal
Alex Orenstein
14     W.V. Quine
Nicole Oresme
1     On 'Physics'
1     On 'Generation and Corruption'
Francesco Orsi
14     Value Theory
José Ortega y Gassett
2     Toward a Philosophy of History
Andreas Osiander
1     Preface to 'De Revolutionibus'
Oxford Univ 1350
1     Oxford University Statutes
William Paley
5     Natural Theology
4     works (fragments)
David Papineau
1     Reality and Representation
8     Philosophical Naturalism
39     Thinking about Consciousness
1     Phenomenal and Perceptual Concepts
5     Philosophical Insignificance of A Priori Knowledge
Derek Parfit
4     Personal Identity
1     Reasons and Persons
8     The Unimportance of Identity
25     The Way of Truth (frags)
Charles Parsons
1     Frege's Theory of Numbers
3     A Plea for Substitutional Quantification
1     Mathematical Intuition
3     Review of Tait 'Provenance of Pure Reason'
Terence Parsons
1     Nonexistent Objects
Blaise Pascal
1     works
13     Pensées
Robert Pasnau
53     Metaphysical Themes 1274-1671
St Paul
2     06: Epistle to the Romans
1     09: Galatians
1     12: Colossians
1     xx: 1 Romans
L.A. Paul
9     In Defense of Essentialism
Christopher Peacocke
13     A Study of Concepts
1     Explaining the A Priori
1     Rationale and Maxims in Study of Concepts
6     Truly Understood
Giuseppe Peano
5     Principles of Arithmetic, by a new method
2     works
Charles Sanders Peirce
15     The Fixation of Belief
5     How to Make our Ideas Clear
1     What is a Leading Principle?
3     The Architecture of Theories
4     The Doctrine of Necessity Examined
11     works
1     On the Algebra of Logic
5     Concerning the Author
1     Logic as Semiotic: Theory of Signs
8     The Nature of Mathematics
1     The Approach to Metaphysics
40     Reasoning and the Logic of Things
8     Scientific Attitude and Fallibilism
2     Abduction and Induction
4     Criterion of Validity in Reasoning
3     Essentials of Pragmatism
2     Critical Common-Sensism
1     Issues of Pragmaticism
3     Pragmatism in Retrospect
Roger Penrose
1     Could a computer ever understand?
Franklin Perkins
2     Leibniz: Guide for the Perplexed
John Perry
1     The Same F
6     The Problem of the Essential Indexical
14     Knowledge, Possibility and Consciousness
1     Reference and Reflexivity
St Peter
1     21: First Epistle of Peter
77     Db (lexicon)
118     Db (chronology)
15     Db (ideas)
1     Fragments of Pherecydes
1     On Signs (damaged)
7     On the Cosmos (lost)
1     poems
Steven Pinker
10     The Blank Slate
Ullin T. Place
2     Intentionality and the Physical: reply to Mumford
Alvin Plantinga
2     Free Will Defence
8     De Re and De Dicto
11     World and Essence
7     Transworld Identity or worldbound Individuals?
3     The Nature of Necessity
7     Actualism and Possible Worlds
1     De Essentia
4     Why Propositions cannot be concrete
1     Warrant and Proper Function
2     Lysis
3     Euthyphro
3     Hippias Major
26     Gorgias
11     Meno
19     The Symposium
1     The Apology
21     Phaedo
2     Laches
13     Protagoras
6     Euthydemus
26     works
85     The Republic
1     Clitophon
33     Theaetetus
23     Phaedrus
35     Parmenides
17     The Sophist
8     The Statesman
25     Philebus
1     Letter Seven
26     Timaeus
45     The Laws
2     The Enneads
1     Life of Theseus
1     26: Oracles in Decline
3     64: Gryllus - on Rationality in Animals
1     67: Platonic Questions
1     68: Generation of the soul in 'Timaeus'
1     72: Against Stoics on common Conceptions
6     74: Reply to Colotes
1     75: Is 'Live Unknown' a Wise Precept?
1     14: Superstition
Henri Poincaré
1     talk
1     On the Nature of Mathematical Reasoning
1     Science and Hypothesis
1     The Value of Science
1     Science and Method
1     The Logic of Infinity
Thomas W. Polger
6     Natural Minds
Vassilis Politis
4     Aristotle and the Metaphysics
John L. Pollock
12     Epistemic Norms
J Pollock / J Cruz
22     Contemporary theories of Knowledge (2nd)
Richard Polt
2     Heidegger: an introduction
Karl Popper
1     Two Problems of Epistemology
7     The Logic of Scientific Discovery
1     Open Society and Its Enemies:Hegel and Marx
4     Conjectures and Refutations
1     A World of Propensities
21     Launching Points to the Realm of the Mind
1     Isagoge ('Introduction')
Demetris Portides
7     Models
2     works
Richard Posner
1     Law, Pragmatism and Democracy
Michael Potter
14     Set Theory and Its Philosophy
Dag Prawitz
3     Gentzen's Analysis of First-Order Proofs
2     On the General Idea of Proof Theory
H.H. Price
3     Review of Aron 'Our Knowledge of Universals'
10     Thinking and Experience
Richard Price
1     works
H.A. Prichard
5     Does moral phil rest on a mistake?
4     What is the Basis of Moral Obligation?
Graham Priest
27     Intro to Non-Classical Logic (1st ed)
8     The Structure of Paradoxes of Self-Reference
1     works
1     What is so bad about Contradictions?
Joseph Priestley
2     Theological and other works
Arthur N. Prior
4     The Runabout Inference Ticket
1     Changes in Events and Changes in Things
Duncan Pritchard
13     Epistemological Disjunctivism
2     Commentary on Euclid's 'Elements'
4     On Man (lost)
2     Contradictions (frags)
3     Truth (frags)
16     works (all lost)
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
1     What is Property?
Marcel Proust
1     Remembrance of Things Past
Alexander R. Pruss
1     The Actual and the Possible
James Pryor
6     There is immediate Justification
Stathis Psillos
1     Scientific Realism
32     Causation and Explanation
1     What do powers do when they are not manifested?
Vincent C. Punzo
2     Morality and Human Sexuality
Hilary Putnam
1     Brains and Behaviour
1     The Mental Life of Some Machines
6     Mathematics without Foundations
1     The Thesis that Mathematics is Logic
8     The Nature of Mental States
3     The Philosophy of Logic
14     Philosophy of Logic
7     Meaning and Reference
6     Explanation and Reference
9     The Meaning of 'Meaning'
1     What is Mathematical Truth?
4     Models and Reality
1     Phil of Mathematics: why nothing works
2     What is innate and why
1     works
22     Reason, Truth and History
1     Why Reason Can't be Naturalized
22     Representation and Reality
5     Why there isn't a ready-made world
1     Unity of Science as a Working Hypothesis
17     talk
11     teaching
Willard Quine
10     Truth by Convention
1     New Foundations for Mathematical Logic
2     Mathematical Logic (revised)
1     Whitehead and the Rise of Modern Logic
29     On What There Is
12     Identity, Ostension, and Hypostasis
3     On Carnap's Views on Ontology
29     Two Dogmas of Empiricism
1     Mr Strawson on Logical Theory
5     Three Grades of Modal Involvement
9     Reference and Modality
9     Carnap and Logical Truth
3     The Scope and Language of Science
1     Quantifiers and Propositional Attitudes
29     Word and Object
7     Speaking of Objects
29     works
1     Reply to Professor Marcus
1     Letters
1     Necessary Truth
4     Propositional Objects
10     Existence and Quantification
1     Introduction to Russell's Theory of Types
6     Ontological Relativity
8     Epistemology Naturalized
20     Natural Kinds
25     Philosophy of Logic
3     Vagaries of Definition
1     Methodological Reflections on Current Linguistic Theory
4     On Multiplying Entities
1     Reply to Hellman
1     Review of Parsons (1983)
1     Events and Reification
1     The Roots of Reference
1     From Stimulus to Science
5     Five Milestones of Empiricism
4     On the Individuation of Attributes
6     Intensions Revisited
1     on Goodman's 'Ways of Worldmaking'
2     Has Philosophy Lost Contact with People?
2     What Price Bivalence?
1     On the Very Idea of a Third Dogma
2     Structure and Nature
W Quine / J Ullian
1     The Web of Belief
Anthony Quinton
6     The Nature of Things
James Rachels
2     No Moral Difference
1     God and Human Attributes
1     Hymn to Perfect Wisdom
Adolph Rami
6     Essential vs Accidental Properties
15     Introduction: Truth and Truth-Making
Frank P. Ramsey
6     The Foundations of Mathematics
2     Truth and Probability
5     Law and Causality
3     Universals
2     Facts and Propositions
1     Knowledge
Hastings Rashdall
5     Theory of Good and Evil
John Rawls
12     A Theory of Justice
2     Politcal Liberalism
1     The Law of Peoples
6     Introduction to 'Absolute Generality'
Stephen Read
7     Formal and Material Consequence
42     Thinking About Logic
François Recanati
36     Mental Files
E Reck / M Price
18     Structures and Structuralism in Phil of Maths
Hans Reichenbach
2     The Direction of Time
1     The Theory of Relativity and A Priori Knowledge
Thomas Reid
14     Essays on Intellectual Powers: Memory
2     Essays on Intellectual Powers: Senses
1     Essays on Intellectual Powers: Conception
1     Essays on Intellectual Powers: Abstraction
2     Essays on Active Powers 1: Active power
Marga Reimer
1     The Problem of Empty Names
Nicholas Rescher
1     Axioms for the Part Relation
1     Scepticism
1     Logical Analysis of Gestalt Concepts
Michael D. Resnik
8     Maths as a Science of Patterns
Georges Rey
60     Contemporary Philosophy of Mind
9     The Analytic/Synthetic Distinction
David van Reybrouck
10     Against Elections
John Richardson
5     Nietzsche's System
Paul Ricoeur
1     works
David Robb
2     Substance
Howard Robinson
26     Perception
T.M. Robinson
1     Classical Cosmology (frags)
Michael della Rocca
1     Essentialists and Essentialism
La Rochefoucauld
8     Maxims
Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra
1     Resemblance Nominalism and Russell's Regress
1     Resemblance Nominalism: a solution to universals
[Roman law]
1     Roman Law
David Roochnik
16     The Tragedy of Reason
Richard Rorty
15     Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature
1     Brandom on Social Practices and Representations
Gideon Rosen
8     Abstract Objects
11     The Limits of Contingency
10     Metaphysical Dependence
David M. Rosenthal
1     Instrospection
W. David Ross
40     The Right and the Good
Marcus Rossberg
10     First-order Logic, 2nd-order, Completeness
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
43     Discourse on the Origin of Inequality
85     The Social Contract (tr Cress)
2     Emile: treatise on education
1     The Confessions
Carlo Rovelli
14     Reality is Not What it Seems
Mark Rowlands
16     Externalism
David-Hillel Ruben
8     Explaining Explanation
Lynne Rudder Baker
6     Why Constitution is not Identity
Ian Rumfitt
37     The Boundary Stones of Thought
4     "Yes" and "No"
2     Concepts and Counting
2     The Logic of Boundaryless Concepts
11     Logical Necessity
Bertrand Russell
1     The Philosophy of Leibniz
4     Mathematics and the Metaphysicians
3     Letters to Frege
90     The Principles of Mathematics
43     On Denoting
1     Substitutional Classes and Relations
12     Regressive Method for Premises in Mathematics
7     Mathematical logic and theory of types
2     On the Nature of Truth and Falsehood
1     Knowledge by Acquaintance and Description-1
2     On Relations of Universals and Particulars
85     Problems of Philosophy
2     Foundations of Geometry
2     To Frege (12/12/04)
7     On the Notion of Cause
1     The Theory of Knowledge
18     The Relation of Sense-Data to Physics
1     On the Nature of Acquaintance
1     Our Knowledge of the External World
28     The Philosophy of Logical Atomism
54     Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
9     On Propositions: What they are,and Meaning
5     The Analysis of Mind
2     Vagueness
13     Logical Atomism
4     The Analysis of Matter
5     The Conquest of Happiness
5     Human Knowledge: its scope and limits
23     My Philosophical Development
B Russell/AN Whitehead
19     Principia Mathematica
Gilbert Ryle
1     Categories
11     The Concept of Mind
1     works
13     Are there propositions?
Rüdiger Safranski
1     Nietzsche: a philosophical biography
Dorion Sagan
1     Cosmic Apprentice
Mark Sainsbury
5     Concepts without Boundaries
6     The Essence of Reference
Wesley Salmon
3     Causality: Production and Propagation
1     Causal Connections
20     Four Decades of Scientific Explanation
2     Scientific Explanation and the Causal Structure of the World
1     Causality and Explanation
1     Probabilistic Causality
1     Statistical Explanation
Nathan Salmon
6     Reference and Essence (1st edn)
27     The Logic of What Might Have Been
2     Reference and Essence: seven appendices
Michael J. Sandel
2     Liberalism and the Limits of Justice
19     Justice: What's the right thing to do?
David H. Sanford
2     Causation
George Santayana
1     The Realm of Matter
1     The Life of Reason
Jean-Paul Sartre
7     Being and Nothingness
19     Transcendence of the Ego
1     Sketch for Theory of Emotions
15     Existentialism and Humanism
1     The Communists and Peace
Sarah Sawyer
5     Empty Names
Thomas M. Scanlon
1     What We Owe to Each Other
Eric R. Scerri
28     The Periodic Table
Jonathan Schaffer
27     The Metaphysics of Causation
8     Causation and Laws of Nature
12     On What Grounds What
2     Deflationary Metaontology of Thomasson
5     Grounding, Transitivity and Contrastivity
Chistoph Scheibler
1     Metaphysics
Friedrich Schelling
1     On the Essence of Human Freedom
1     The Ages of the World
Stephen Schiffer
2     Contextualist Solutions to Scepticism
Friedrich Schiller
1     works
Friedrich Schleiermacher
1     works
1     Dialektik
Moritz Schlick
1     Positivism and Realism
Benjamin Schnieder
1     Truth-making without Truth-makers
Jonathan Schofield
1     talk
Moses Schönfinkel
1     Building Blocks of Mathematical Logic
Arthur Schopenhauer
6     Abstract of 'The Fourfold Root'
37     The World as Will and Idea
3     On the Basis of Morality
1     On the Freedom of the Will
24     Parerga and Paralipomena
3     Fourfold Root of Princ of Sufficient Reason
Laura Schroeter
19     Two-Dimensional Semantics
Stephen P. Schwartz
4     Intro to Naming,Necessity and Natural Kinds
Roger Scruton
3     Representation in Music
2     Recent Aesthetics in England and America
4     Short History of Modern Philosophy
2     The Nature of Musical Expression
8     A Dictionary of Political Thought
5     Public Text and Common Reader
5     Laughter
5     Upon Nothing: Swansea lecture
29     Modern Philosophy:introduction and survey
33     Animal Rights and Wrongs
11     Beauty: a very short introduction
John Searle
5     Proper Names
3     Minds, Brains and Science
61     The Rediscovery of the Mind
13     The Mystery of Consciousness
34     Rationality in Action
Gabriel M.A. Segal
18     A Slim Book about Narrow Content
Johanna Seibt
3     Process Philosophy
Wilfrid Sellars
3     Does Emp.Knowledge have Foundation?
1     Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind
1     Philosophy and Scientific Image of Man
Amartya Sen
23     The Idea of Justice
Seneca the Younger
31     Letters from a Stoic
3     On Providence
4     On Anger (Book 3)
9     On the Happy Life
Sextus Empiricus
5     Against the Professors (six books)
37     Outlines of Pyrrhonism
2     Against the Mathematicians
3rd Earl of Shaftesbury
1     Characteristics
7     Inquiry Concerning Virtue or Merit
William Shakespeare
1     Julius Caesar
1     Much Ado About Nothing
Scott Shalkowski
1     Ontological Ground of Alethic Modality
6     Essence and Being
Stewart Shapiro
50     Foundations without Foundationalism
64     Philosophy of Mathematics
15     Thinking About Mathematics
12     Higher-Order Logic
1     Structure and Ontology
Sydney Shoemaker
7     Time Without Change
2     Personal Identity and Memory
34     Causality and Properties
3     Introspection
10     Causal and Metaphysical Necessity
1     Self, Body and Coincidence
Andrew Shorten
17     Contemporary Political Theory
Jeffrey H. Sicha
3     Counting and the Natural Numbers
Alan Sidelle
22     Necessity, Essence and Individuation
Theodore Sider
29     Four Dimensionalism
1     Reductive Theories of Modality
45     Logic for Philosophy
49     Writing the Book of the World
Henry Sidgwick
2     The Methods of Ethics (7th edn)
Ori Simchen
4     The Barcan Formula and Metaphysics
Peter Simons
69     Parts
1     Particulars in Particular Clothing
3     Events
2     Modes of Extension: comment on Fine
1     Whitehead: process and cosmology
Peter Singer
14     Practical Ethics
Thoralf Skolem
1     works
4     Remarks on axiomatised set theory
J.J.C. Smart
12     Explanation - Opening Address
4     The Tenseless Theory of Time
Timothy Smiley
1     Conceptions of Consequence
Adam Smith
2     The Wealth of Nations
1     The Theory of Moral Sentiments
Barry Smith
1     Truth-maker Realism: response to Gregory
1     Truth-maker Realism
Peter Smith
44     Intro to Gödel's Theorems
Quentin Smith
1     Absolute Simultaneity and Infinity of Time
Scott Soames
6     Significance of the Kripkean Nec A Posteriori
2     Why Propositions Aren't Truth-Supporting Circumstance
Elliott Sober
1     Mathematics and Indispensibility
40     talk
9     talk
Fred Sommers
1     Types and Ontology
9     Intellectual Autobiography
Will Sommers
20     talk
1     Women of Trachis
Roy Sorensen
20     Vagueness and Contradiction
Ernest Sosa
4     Varieties of Causation
6     The Raft and the Pyramid
10     Beyond internal Foundations to external Virtues
E Sosa / M Tooley
6     Introduction to 'Causation'
Oswald Spengler
1     The Decline of the West
2     thirty titles (lost)
1     talk
Baruch de Spinoza
1     Letters to De Vries
3     Letters to Oldenburg
2     Letters to Blijenburgh
33     Tractatus Theologico-Politicus
1     Letters to Hugo Boxel
1     Letter to G.H. Schaller
2     Improvement of Understanding
152     The Ethics
Robert C. Stalnaker
2     A Theory of Conditionals
1     works
2     Merely Possible Propositions
1     Possible Worlds
6     Anti-essentialism
5     Counterparts and Identity
11     Reference and Necessity
8     Conceptual truth and metaphysical necessity
27     Mere Possibilities
Michael Stanford
3     Explanation: the state of play
Daniel Statman
10     Introduction to Virtue Ethics
Mark Steiner
3     Mathematical Explanation
1     Power: a Radical View (2nd ed)
Matthew Stewart
1     The Courtier and the Heretic
Stephen P. Stich
2     The Fragmentation of Reason
1     talk
Max Stirner
1     The Ego and Its Own
Stoic school
76     works
G.F. Stout
1     The Nature of Universals and Propositions
Rowland Stout
34     Action
Galen Strawson
1     The Secret Connexion
Peter F. Strawson
8     On Referring
4     Truth
6     Individuals:Essay in Descript Metaphysics
2     Entity and Identity
Michael Strevens
3     No Understanding without Explanation
Scott Sturgeon
6     Matters of Mind
Francisco Suárez
2     works
9     Disputationes metaphysicae
Lars Svendsen
11     A Philosophy of Boredom
Adam Swift
24     Political Philosophy (3rd ed)
Chris Swoyer
19     Properties
4     Abstract Entities
Zoltán Gendler Szabó
4     Nominalism
Tuomas E. Tahko
4     The Epistemology of Essence (draft)
William W. Tait
8     Frege versus Cantor and Dedekind
1     Intro to 'Provenance of Pure Reason'
Jonathan Tallant
8     Metaphysics: an introduction
Alfred Tarski
36     The Concept of Truth for Formalized Languages
6     works
2     talk
4     The Concept of Logical Consequence
7     The Establishment of Scientific Semantics
24     The Semantic Conception of Truth
A.E. Taylor
1     Vindication of Religion (extract)
Charles Taylor
9     Sources of the Self
Richard Taylor
8     Virtue Ethics: an Introduction
Jenny Teichmann
4     The Mind and the Soul
F.R. Tennant
1     Philosophical Theology
2     works
Paul Thagard
6     Explanatory Coherence
7     Coherence: The Price is Right
Leslie H. Tharp
16     Which Logic is the Right Logic?
1     Chapters on Scepticism
1     On the Senses
1     On Metaphysics (frags)
C.J. Thomae
1     works
Amie L. Thomasson
20     Ordinary Objects
Judith (Jarvis) Thomson
8     A Defense of Abortion
1     Parthood and Identity across Time
1     People and Their Bodies
1     works (fragments)
1     On Sensations (frags)
Franciscus Toletus
1     Commentary on 'De Anima'
Leo Tolstoy
6     What is Art?
Ferdinand Tönnies
1     Community and Association
Michael Tooley
2     Causality: Reductionism versus Realism
9     Causation and Supervenience
Richard Tuck
1     Hobbes
31     This is Political Philosophy
Alan Turing
1     works
2     Computing Machinery and Intelligence
Michael Tye
1     Adverbial Theory
Sara L. Uckelman
1     Dynamic Logics
Miguel de Unamuno
1     The Tragic Sense of Life
Peter Unger
3     Ignorance: a Case for Scepticism
2     There are no ordinary things
J.O. Urmson
1     Philosophical Analysis
Hamid Vahid
9     Externalism/Internalism
Anand Vaidya
8     Understanding and Essence
1     The Epistemology of Modality
Julio Cesare Vanini
1     Amphitheatrum
Achille Varzi
11     Mereology
Oswald Veblen
1     Presidential Address of Am. Math. Soc
Victor Velarde-Mayol
3     On Husserl
Koen Vervloesem
1     Barcan Formulae
Godfrey Vesey
1     Collins Dictionary of Philosophy
Barbara Vetter
33     Potentiality
8     Essence and Potentiality
1     Dispositional Essentialism and the Laws of Nature
Gregory Vlastos
1     Socrates: Ironist and Moral Philosopher
Francois-Marie Voltaire
1     Philosophical Letters from England
Michal Walicki
19     Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Wallace, J
1     On the Frame of Reference
Michael Walzer
3     Spheres of Justice
Mary Anne Warren
1     On the Moral and Legal State of Abortion
Ryan Wasserman
5     Material Constitution
Robin Waterfield
1     Introduction to 'Hippias Minor'
Peter Watson
21     Ideas
11     Convergence
J.B. Watson
1     Behaviorism
Max Weber
6     The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
1     Economy and Society
Michael V. Wedin
3     Aristotle's Theory of Substance
Karl Weierstrass
2     works
Steven Weinberg
1     Lecture on Applicability of Mathematics
Joan Weiner
1     Frege
11     Philosophy of Chemistry
Luke Westaway
3     talk
Jan Westerhoff
14     Ontological Categories
Hermann Weyl
1     works
1     Phil of Mathematics and Natural Science
William Whewell
1     The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences
Dennis Whitcomb
1     Wisdom
Nicholas P. White
2     What Numbers Are
Alfred North Whitehead
6     Process and Reality
David Wiggins
1     Identity and Spatio-Temporal Continuity
29     Sameness and Substance
14     Substance
39     Sameness and Substance Renewed
Oscar Wilde
3     Preface to 'Dorian Gray'
William of Ockham
3     Summula philosophiae naturalis
2     Tractatus de corpore Christi
4     works
1     Predest.,God's foreknowledge and contingents
1     Commentary on the Sentences
2     Prologue to Ordinatio
2     Ordinatio
9     Summa totius logicae
2     Reportatio
6     Seven Quodlibets
3     Expositio super viii libros
Bernard Williams
1     Personal Identity and Individuation
4     The Idea of Equality
2     Are Persons Bodies?
1     Internal and External Reasons
24     Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy
2     How free does the will need to be?
10     Shame and Necessity
1     Moral luck: a postscript
1     works
Donald C. Williams
3     On the Elements of Being: I
Michael Williams
29     Problems of Knowledge
5     Without Immediate Justification
Timothy Williamson
2     Review of Bob Hale's 'Abstract Objects'
2     Vagueness
12     Truthmakers and Converse Barcan Formula
2     Knowledge and its Limits
6     Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
1     Necessary Existents
13     The Philosophy of Philosophy
6     Modal Logic within Counterfactual Logic
1     Laudatio: Prof Ruth Barcan Marcus
1     Modal Logic as Metaphysics
11     Knowledge First (and reply)
Edmund O. Wilson
12     On Human Nature
1     Consilience
N.L. Wilson
1     Substances without Substrata
15     Action
W Wimsatt/W Beardsley
6     The Intentional Fallacy
Johann Winckelmann
1     History of Ancient Art
Charlotte Witt
6     Substance and Essence in Aristotle
Ludwig Wittgenstein
5     Notebooks 1914-1916
1     Letter to Russell
55     Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
2     Philosophical Remarks
1     talk
1     works
1     The Blue and Brown Notebooks
2     Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics
1     Culture and Value
3     On Certainty
51     Philosophical Investigations
Robert S. Wolf
19     A Tour through Mathematical Logic
Christian Wolff
2     works
Jonathan Wolff
32     An Introduction to Political Philosophy (Rev)
Stephen Wolfram
2     A New Kind of Science
Richard Wollheim
16     Art and Its Objects
Mary Wollstonecraft
1     Vindication of the Rights of Women
James Woodward
1     Making Things Happen
Crispin Wright
36     Frege's Concept of Numbers as Objects
2     Inventing Logical Necessity
Chauncey Wright
1     talk
G.H. von Wright
7     Logic and Epistemology of Causal Relations
John Wycliff
2     De ente praedicamentali
1     works (fragments)
6     poems (lost)
1     Symposium
1     Apology of Socrates
Stephen Yablo
1     Identity, Essence and Indiscernibility
3     Does Ontology Rest on a Mistake?
7     Apriority and Existence
2     Go Figure: a Path through Fictionalism
4     Abstract Objects: a Case Study
1     Carving Content at the Joints
1     Paradox without Self-Reference
14     Aboutness
Frances A. Yates
2     Giordano Bruno and Hermetic Tradition
Iris Marion Young
1     On Female Body Experience
James O. Young
9     The Coherence Theory of Truth
Palle Yourgrau
5     Sets, Aggregates and Numbers
Jacob Zabarella
2     De rebus naturalibus
Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski
34     Virtues of the Mind
José L. Zalabardo
18     Introduction to the Theory of Logic
Edward N. Zalta
2     Abstract Objects:intro to Axiomatic Metaphysics
2     Deriving Kripkean Claims with Abstract Objects
Zeno (Citium)
3     talk
24     works (fragments)
Zeno (Elea)
7     Attacks (frags)
Ernst Zermelo
1     Proof that every set can be well-ordered
14     Investigations in the Foundations of Set Theory I
1     New Proof of Possibility of Well-Ordering
2     works
3     On boundary numbers and domains of sets
Dean W. Zimmerman
3     Distinct Indiscernibles and the Bundle Theory
2     The Privileged Present: A-Theory
Jens Zimmermann
6     Hermeneutics: a very short introduction
Slavoj Zizek
5     Conversations, with Glyn Daly
3     The Gathas (seventeen hymns)