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I recognise the incredible force of Wittgenstein's closing statement in the 'Tractatus', but I hold the opposite view: philosophy exists to give expression to that which we think we can only remain silent about.

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I say (contrary to Wittgenstein) that philosophy expresses what we thought we must be silent about


comment on Ludwig Wittgenstein (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus [1921], 7.1) by Keith Ansell Pearson - Interview with Baggini and Stangroom p.267

Book Reference

Baggini,J/Stangroom,J: 'New British Philosophy' [Routledge 2002], p.267

A Reaction

A wonderful remark, with which I totally agree. Compare Idea 1596. I think it is just a fact that philosophers are able to articulate a huge number of ideas which other intelligent people find very interesting but on which they are unable to speak.

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