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Frege's notion of an object plays two roles in his semantics. Objects are the referents of proper names, and they are equally what predicates are true and false of.

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Frege's 'objects' are both the referents of proper names, and what predicates are true or false of


report of Gottlob Frege (On Concept and Object [1892]) by Michael Dummett - Frege Philosophy of Language (2nd ed) Ch.4

Book Reference

Dummett,Michael: 'Frege Philosophy of Language' [Duckworth 1981], p.474

A Reaction

Frege is the source of a desperate desire to turn everything into an object (see Idea 8858!), and he has the irritating authority of the man who invented quantificational logic. Nothing but trouble, that man.

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Idea 8858 Philosophers keep finding unexpected objects, like models, worlds, functions, numbers, events, sets, properties [Yablo]