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[catalogued under 18. Thought / C. Content / 5. Twin Earth]

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If the content of a concept is its reference, we can stop worrying about Twin Earth. If there are no senses, there is no question of whether my twin and I have the same WATER concept. Our WATER concepts aren't even coextensive.

Gist of Idea

If concept content is reference, then my Twin and I are referring to the same stuff


Jerry A. Fodor (LOT 2 [2008], Ch.1)

Book Reference

Fodor,Jerry A.: 'LOT 2: the Language of Thought Revisited' [OUP 2008], p.17

A Reaction

This seems like a neat solution. So do 'tap water' and 'holy water' have the same content to a Christian and non-Christian, when they co-refer to the contents of the font?