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Only the cut rule can have a conclusion that is less complex than its premises. Hence when cut is not used, a derivation is quite literally constructive, building up from components. Any theorem obtained by cut can be obtained without it.

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Only Cut reduces complexity, so logic is constructive without it, and it can be dispensed with


Ian Hacking (What is Logic? [1979], 08)

Book Reference

'A Philosophical Companion to First-Order Logic', ed/tr. Hughes,R.I.G. [Hackett 1993], p.235

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Idea 13834 Gentzen's Cut Rule (or transitivity of deduction) is 'If A |- B and B |- C, then A |- C' [Hacking]

Idea 13352 'Cutting' allows that if x is proved, and adding y then proves z, you can go straight to z [Bostock]