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[catalogued under 7. Existence / C. Structure of Existence / 1. Grounding / a. Nature of grounding]

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When p 'grounds' q then q holds in virtue of p's holding; q's holding is nothing beyond p's holding; the truth of p explains the truth of q in a particularly tight sense (explanation of q by p in this sense requires that p necessitates q).

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Something is grounded when it holds, and is explained, and necessitated by something else


report of Kit Fine (The Question of Realism [2001], 15-16) by Theodore Sider - Writing the Book of the World 08.1

Book Reference

Sider,Theodore: 'Writing the Book of the World' [OUP 2011], p.142

A Reaction

This proposal has become a hot topic in current metaphysics, as attempts are made to employ 'grounding' in various logical, epistemological and ontological contexts. I'm a fan - it is at the heart of metaphysics as structure of reality.

Related Idea

Idea 15007 If you make 'grounding' fundamental, you have to mention some non-fundamental notions [Sider on Fine,K]