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[catalogued under 8. Modes of Existence / C. Powers and Dispositions / 7. Against Powers]

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Actualism ...debars us from admitting into our ontology the merely possible, not only the merely logically possible, but also the merely physically possible.

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Actualism means that ontology cannot contain what is merely physically possible


David M. Armstrong (What is a Law of Nature? [1983], 01.3)

Book Reference

Armstrong,D.M.: 'What is a Law of Nature?' [CUP 1985], p.9

A Reaction

This is the big metaphysical question for fans (like myself) of 'powers' in nature. Armstrong declares himself an Actualist. I take it as obvious that the actual world contains powers, but how are we to characterise them?

Related Idea

Idea 17667 Dispositions exist, but their truth-makers are actual or categorical properties [Armstrong]