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Many philosophers of science have distinguished between 'simple induction' - the argument from observed Fs to all Fs - and the argument to hidden or theoretical entities (Peirce's 'abduction').

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Induction aims at 'all Fs', but abduction aims at hidden or theoretical entities


David M. Armstrong (What is a Law of Nature? [1983], 06.7)

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Armstrong,D.M.: 'What is a Law of Nature?' [CUP 1985], p.104

A Reaction

'Abduction' is (roughly) the same is inference to the best explanation, of which I am a great fan.

Related Ideas

Idea 14791 Abduction involves original suggestions, and not just the testing involved in induction [Peirce]

Idea 14790 'Abduction' is beginning a hypothesis, particularly if it includes preference of one explanation over others [Peirce]