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In the domain of individual ethics, we find the consciousness of dialectic in those universally familiar proverbs 'pride goes before a fall' and 'too much wit outwits itself'. ...Joy relieves itself in tears, and melancholy can be revealed in a smile.

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Dialectic is seen in popular proverbs like 'pride comes before a fall'


Georg W.F.Hegel (Logic (Encyclopedia I) [1817], 81), quoted by Stephen Houlgate - An Introduction to Hegel 02 'The Method'

Book Reference

Houlgate,Stephen: 'An Introduction to Hegel' [Blackwell 2005], p.39

A Reaction

'Too clever by half' is the English version. Hegel's dialectic suggests that each concept somehow implies its opposite, rather than a mere mercurial drift from one extreme to the other. Most pride doesn't lead to a fall.