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It is true that God the absolute thing: he is however no less the absolute person. That he is the absolute person however is a point which the philosophy of Spinoza never reached.

Gist of Idea

God is the absolute thing, and also the absolute person


Georg W.F.Hegel (Logic (Encyclopedia I) [1817], I 151Z p.214), quoted by A.W. Moore - The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics 07.6

Book Reference

Moore,A.W.: 'The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics' [CUP 2013], p.179

A Reaction

Moore says Hegel was a Spinozist, in his commitment to a single substance, but his idea of God is very different, presumably because consciousness and concepts are so important to Hegel. Hegel needs a Lockean abstract notion of 'person' here.