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[catalogued under 2. Reason / A. Nature of Reason / 3. Pure Reason]

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Let thought follow its own course; and I think badly whenever I add something of my own.

Gist of Idea

Let thought follow its own course, and don't interfere


Georg W.F.Hegel (Logic (Encyclopedia I) [1817], 24 Add 2), quoted by Stephen Houlgate - Hegel p.100

Book Reference

'A Companion to Continental Philosophy', ed/tr. Critchley,S/Schroeder,W [Blackwell 1999], p.100

A Reaction

The idea that reason has a course of its own is a mega-assumption, which I would only accept after a lot of persuasion, which I doubt that Hegel can provide. The modern analytic idea of metaphysics as logic has a similar basis.