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[catalogued under 12. Knowledge Sources / B. Perception / 2. Qualities in Perception / d. Secondary qualities]

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Theories that take colours to be properties of the surfaces of objects have difficulty accounting for a host of phenomena including coloured light emitted by radiant sources and so-called film colours (the colour of the sky, for instance).

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Colours aren't surface properties, because of radiant sources and the colour of the sky


John Heil (From an Ontological Point of View [2003], 17.4)

Book Reference

Heil,John: 'From an Ontological Point of View' [OUP 2005], p.201

A Reaction

Personally I never thought that colours might be actual properties of surfaces, but it is nice to have spelled out a couple of instances that make it very implausible. Neon and sodium lights I take to be examples of the first case.