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14. Science / D. Explanation / 3. Best Explanation / a. Best explanation

[aim of picking the best from among explanations]

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Universals give better explanations, because they are self-explanatory and primitive [Aristotle]
The Copernican theory is right because it is the only one offering a good explanation [Leibniz]
The Methods of Difference and of Agreement are forms of inference to the best explanation [Mill, by Lipton]
A false theory could hardly rival the explanatory power of natural selection [Darwin]
'Abduction' is beginning a hypothesis, particularly if it includes preference of one explanation over others [Peirce]
Abduction involves original suggestions, and not just the testing involved in induction [Peirce]
If the cat reappears in a new position, presumably it has passed through the intermediate positions [Russell]
Belief in real objects makes our account of experience simpler and more systematic [Russell]
If an explanation is good, the symbol is used properly in the future [Wittgenstein]
Best explanations explain the most by means of the least [Armstrong]
Best Explanation is the core notion of epistemology [Harman, by Smart]
Is Inference to the Best Explanation nothing more than inferring the likeliest cause? [Lipton]
Best Explanation as a guide to inference is preferable to best standard explanations [Lipton]
The 'likeliest' explanation is the best supported; the 'loveliest' gives the most understanding [Lipton]
IBE is inferring that the best potential explanation is the actual explanation [Lipton]
Finding the 'loveliest' potential explanation links truth to understanding [Lipton]
IBE is not passive treatment of data, but involves feedback between theory and data search [Lipton]
A contrasting difference is the cause if it offers the best explanation [Lipton]
We select possible explanations for explanatory reasons, as well as choosing among them [Lipton]
Abduction could have true data and a false conclusion, and may include data not originally mentioned [Rey]
Scientific confirmation is best viewed as inference to the best explanation [Pollock/Cruz]
The best theory has the highest subjective (Bayesian) probability? [Thagard]
Abduction aims at simplicity, testability, coherence and comprehensiveness [Baggini /Fosl]
To see if an explanation is the best, it is necessary to investigate the alternative explanations [Baggini /Fosl]
Inference to the Best Explanation is done with facts, so it has to be realist [Bird]
The periodic table suggests accommodation to facts rates above prediction [Scerri]