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14. Science / D. Explanation / 4. Explanation Doubts / a. Explanation as pragmatic

[explanation as entirely related to human curiosity]

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Explanations are mind-dependent, theory-laden, and interest-relative [Martin,CB]
You can't decide which explanations are good if you don't attend to the interest-relative aspects [Putnam]
We accept many scientific theories without endorsing them as true [Fraassen]
An explanation is just descriptive information answering a particular question [Fraassen, by Salmon]
Facts explain facts, but only if they are conceptualised or named appropriately [Ruben]
Ontology is unrelated to explanation, which concerns modes of presentation and states of knowledge [Mumford]
Maybe explanation is entirely relative to the interests and presuppositions of the questioner [Psillos]
An explanation is the removal of the surprise caused by the event [Psillos]
Maybe explanation is so subjective that it cannot be a part of science [Bird]