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11. Knowledge Aims / A. Knowledge / 4. Belief / b. Elements of beliefs

[the components that make up beliefs]

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Two sorts of opinion: either poorly grounded belief, or weak belief [Stoic school, by Stobaeus]
Belief is just a particular feeling attached to ideas of objects [Hume]
Belief can't be a concept plus an idea, or we could add the idea to fictions [Hume]
We are aware of beliefs, they appease our doubts, and they are rules of action, or habits [Peirce]
The three questions about belief are its contents, its success, and its character [Russell]
Belief relates a mind to several things other than itself [Russell]
The concepts of belief and truth are linked, since beliefs are meant to fit reality [Davidson]
Indexicals are a problem for beliefs being just subject-proposition relations [Perry]
Beliefs are states of the head that explain behaviour, and also items with referential truth-conditions [McGinn]
Having beliefs involves recognition, expectation and surprise [Scruton]