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11. Knowledge Aims / A. Knowledge / 4. Belief / e. Belief holism

[the context required for beliefs]

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Unlike Descartes' atomism, Spinoza held a holistic view of belief [Spinoza, by Schmid]
How do you distinguish three beliefs from four beliefs or two beliefs? [Quine]
The concept of belief can only derive from relationship to a speech community. [Davidson]
A belief requires understanding the distinctions of true-and-false, and appearance-and-reality [Davidson]
Beliefs only make sense as part of a network of other beliefs [Searle]
Beliefs are part of a network, and also exist against a background [Searle]
You have to reaffirm all your beliefs when you make a logical inference [Harman]
How do you count beliefs? [Fodor]
Could you have a single belief on its own? [Audi,R]