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22. Metaethics / A. Ethical Ends / 6. Pleasure / d. Sources of pleasure

[what sorts of things can give us pleasure?]

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The great pleasures come from the contemplation of noble works [Democritus]
Moderation brings more pleasures, and so increases pleasure [Democritus]
We feel pleasure when we approach our natural state of harmony [Plato]
Some things are not naturally pleasant, but become so through disease or depravity [Aristotle]
While replenishing we even enjoy unpleasant things, but only absolute pleasures when we are replenished [Aristotle]
Disreputable pleasures are only pleasant to persons with diseased perception [Aristotle]
We get enormous pleasure from tales of noble actions [Nietzsche]
Epicureans achieve pleasure through character development [Annas]
The 'locus coeruleus' is one of several candidates for the brain's 'pleasure centre' [Carter,R]