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23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 4. External Goods / d. Friendship

[close personal relationships as a virtue]

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People say that friendship exists only between good men [Plato]
Bad people are never really friends with one another [Plato]
Cyrenaics say wise men are self-sufficient, needing no friends [Aristippus young, by Diog. Laertius]
Aristotle does not confine supreme friendship to moral heroes [Cooper,JM on Aristotle]
For Aristotle in the best friendships the binding force is some excellence of character [Cooper,JM on Aristotle]
Bad men can have friendships of utility or pleasure, but only good men can be true friends [Aristotle]
Master and slave can have friendship through common interests [Aristotle]
We value friendship just for its own sake [Aristotle]
Friendship is by far the most important ingredient of a complete and happy life [Epicurus]
It is better to have one intelligent friend than many unintelligent [Democritus (attr)]
Don't befriend fools; either find superior friends, or travel alone [Anon (Dham)]
True friendship is even rarer than true love [Rochefoucauld]
Friendship without community spirit misses out on the main part of virtue [Hume]
Many people are better at having good friends than being a good friend [Nietzsche]
Women can be friends with men, but only some physical antipathy will maintain it [Nietzsche]
If you want friends, you must be a fighter [Nietzsche]
Friends express friendship even when no utility is involved [Statman]
The Greek 'philia' covers all good and fruitful relationships [Cooper,JM]