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21. Aesthetics / B. Nature of Art / 7. Ontology of Art

[in what sense varies types of art actually exist]

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Art exists ideally, purely as experiences in the mind of the perceiver [Collingwood, by Kemp]
A performance is only an instance of a work if there is not a single error [Goodman]
If artworks are not physical objects, they are either ideal entities, or collections of phenomena [Wollheim]
The ideal theory says art is an intuition, shaped by a particular process, and presented in public [Wollheim]
The ideal theory of art neglects both the audience and the medium employed [Wollheim]
A musical performance has virtually the same features as the piece of music [Wollheim]
Art works originate in the artist's mind, and appreciation is re-creating this mental object [Gardner]
If paintings could be perfectly duplicated, it would be a multiple art form [Currie, by Bacharach]
The dualistic view says works of art are either abstract objects (types), or physical objects [Lamarque/Olson]