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[seeking rhetorical explanation instead of hard facts]

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An interpreter of a text, because of wider knowledge, can understand it better than its author [Schleiermacher, by Mautner]
Unity emerges from understanding particulars, so understanding is prior to seeing unity [Schleiermacher]
The claim of hermeneutics to give knowledge through understanding is challenged by positivism [Mautner on Dilthey]
Hermeneutics of tradition is sympathetic, hermeneutics of suspicion is hostile [Ricoeur, by Mautner]
Hermeneutics blunts truth, by conforming it to the interpreter [Derrida, by Zimmermann,J]
Hermeneutics is hostile, try to overcome the other person's difference [Derrida, by Zimmermann,J]
Interpretations can be interpreted, so there is no original 'meaning' available [Derrida]
The 'hermeneutic circle' says parts and wholes are interdependent, and so cannot be interpreted [Mautner]
Knowledge is not a static set of correct propositions, but a continuing search for better interpretations [Polt]