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13. Knowledge Criteria / B. Internal Justification / 5. Coherentism / b. Pro-coherentism

[reasons in favour of the coherentist view]

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A rational account of a wagon would mean knowledge of its hundred parts [Plato]
Encounters with things confuse the mind, and internal comparisons bring clarity [Spinoza]
Scientific truths are supported by mutual agreement, as well as agreement with the phenomena [Leibniz]
Discovery is often just finding a fit, like a jigsaw puzzle [Goodman]
Coherence avoids scepticism, because it doesn't rely on unprovable foundations [Harman]
If it is empirical propositions which have to be coherent, this eliminates coherent fiction [Dancy,J]
Bayesians build near-certainty from lots of reasonably probable beliefs [Sorensen]
As science investigates more phenomena, the theories it needs decreases [Bird]
Reasons for beliefs can be cited to others, unlike a raw headache experience [Pryor]