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13. Knowledge Criteria / A. Justification Problems / 2. Justification Challenges / b. Gettier problem

[mere true justified belief doesn't ensure knowledge]

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True belief about the time is not knowledge if I luckily observe a stopped clock at the right moment [Russell]
True belief is not knowledge when it is deduced from false belief [Russell]
A true belief is not knowledge if it is reached by bad reasoning [Russell]
Being a true justified belief is not a sufficient condition for knowledge [Gettier]
For internalists Gettier situations are where internally it is fine, but there is an external mishap [Zagzebski]
Gettier problems are always possible if justification and truth are not closely linked [Zagzebski]
We avoid the Gettier problem if the support for the belief entails its truth [Zagzebski]
Gettier cases arise when good luck cancels out bad luck [Zagzebski]
Gettier says you don't know if you are confused about how it is true [Yablo]
A Gettier case is a belief which is true, and its fallible justification involves some luck [Hetherington]
Gettier and lottery cases seem to involve luck, meaning bad connection of beliefs to facts [Black,T]
In a disjunctive case, the justification comes from one side, and the truth from the other [Vaidya]
Gettier deductive justifications split the justification from the truthmaker [Vaidya]