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9. Objects / A. Existence of Objects / 2. Abstract Objects / a. Nature of abstracta

[what we should take abstract object to be]

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The greatest discovery in human thought is Plato's discovery of abstract objects [Brown,JR on Plato]
Objects lacking matter are intrinsic unities [Aristotle]
Real (non-logical) abstract terms are either essences or accidents [Leibniz]
Not all objects are spatial; 4 can still be an object, despite lacking spatial co-ordinates [Frege]
Abstract objects may not cause changes, but they can be the subject of change [Dummett]
The existence of abstract objects is a pseudo-problem [Dummett]
I am a fan of abstract objects, and confident of their existence [Boolos]
Abstract objects are constituted by encoded collections of properties [Zalta, by Swoyer]
Abstract objects are actually constituted by the properties by which we conceive them [Zalta]
Real numbers as abstracted objects are now treated as complete ordered fields [Mayberry]
If properties are abstract objects, then their being abstract exemplifies being abstract [Swoyer]
If the mental is non-spatial but temporal, then it must be classified as abstract [Hale]
Many abstract objects, such as chess, seem non-spatial, but are not atemporal [Hale]
Shapes and directions are of something, but games and musical compositions are not [Hale]
Being abstract is based on a relation between things which are spatially separated [Hale]
Structuralists call a mathematical 'object' simply a 'place in a structure' [Friend]