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27. Natural Reality / C. Space-Time / 2. Time / f. Presentism

[only the present moment exists]

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The past and the future subsist, but only the present exists [Chrysippus, by Plutarch]
The present does not exist, so our immediate experience is actually part past and part future [Chrysippus, by Plutarch]
Time is continous and infinitely divisible, so there cannot be a wholly present time [Chrysippus, by Stobaeus]
Socrates either dies when he exists (before his death) or when he doesn't (after his death) [Sext.Empiricus]
If the present is just the limit of the past or the future, it can't exist because they don't exist [Sext.Empiricus]
If the past is no longer, and the future is not yet, how can they exist? [Augustine]
Past times can't exist anywhere, apart from in our memories [Hobbes]
An 'instant' is where we perceive no succession, and is the time of a single idea [Locke]
In relativity the length of the 'present moment' is relative to distance from the observer [Heisenberg]
The pure present moment is too brief to be experienced [Armstrong]
The present is the collapse of the light wavefront from the Big Bang [Ellis]
Simultaneity can be temporal equidistance from the Big Bang [Ellis]
If Presentism is correct, we cannot even say that the present changes [Dummett]
The present cannot exist alone as a mere boundary; past and future truths are rendered meaningless [Dummett]
I am a presentist, and all language and common sense supports my view [Bigelow]
Presentists must deny truths about multiple times [Sider]
For Presentists there must always be a temporal vantage point for any description [Sider]
'Presentism' is the view that only the present moment exists [Moreland]
Presentists can talk of 'times', with no more commitment than modalists have to possible worlds [Crisp,TM]
How can a presentist explain an object's having existed? [Merricks]
Presentists say that things have existed and will exist, not that they are instantaneous [Merricks]
Presentist should deny there is a present time, and just say that things 'exist' [Merricks]
How can presentists talk of 'earlier than', and distinguish past from future? [Bourne]
Presentism seems to deny causation, because the cause and the effect can never coexist [Bourne]
Special Relativity allows an absolute past, future, elsewhere and simultaneity [Bourne]
Since presentists treat the presentness of events as basic, simultaneity should be define by that means [Bourne]
A fixed foliation theory of quantum gravity could make presentism possible [Ladyman/Ross]
Presentism is the view that only present objects exist [Markosian]
Presentism says if objects don't exist now, we can't have attitudes to them or relations with them [Markosian]
Presentism seems to entail that we cannot talk about other times [Markosian]
Serious Presentism says things must exist to have relations and properties; Unrestricted version denies this [Markosian]
Maybe Presentists can refer to the haecceity of a thing, after the thing itself disappears [Markosian]
Maybe Presentists can paraphrase singular propositions about the past [Markosian]
Objects in the past, like Socrates, are more like imaginary objects than like remote spatial objects [Markosian]
People are mistaken when they think 'Socrates was a philosopher' says something [Markosian]
Special Relativity denies the absolute present which Presentism needs [Markosian]
Surely if things extend over time, then time itself must be extended? [Cameron]
Presentists explain cross-temporal relations using surrogate descriptions [Vetter]
It is difficult to handle presentism in first-order logic [Ingthorsson]