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9. Objects / B. Unity of Objects / 1. Unifying an Object / a. Intrinsic unification

[unification of an object by some intrinsic aspect of it]

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No things would be clear to us as entity or relationships unless there existed Number and its essence [Philolaus]
Plato sees an object's structure as expressible in mathematics [Plato, by Koslicki]
Plato was less concerned than Aristotle with the source of unity in a complex object [Plato, by Koslicki]
Things are one numerically in matter, formally in their account, generically in predicates, and by analogy in relations [Aristotle]
Primary things just are what-it-is-to-be-that-thing [Aristotle]
How is man a unity of animal and biped, especially if the Forms of animal and of biped exist? [Aristotle]
Things may be naturally unified because they involve an indivisible process [Aristotle]
A unity may just be a particular, a numerically indivisible thing [Aristotle]
The formal cause may be what unifies a substance [Aristotle]
Aristotle says that the form is what makes an entity what it is [Aristotle, by Frede,M]
Natural objects include animals and their parts, plants, and the simple elements [Aristotle]
Diversity arises from the power of unity [Porphyry]
'Unity' is a particularly difficult word, because things can have hidden unity [Duns Scotus]
Unity by aggregation, order, inherence, composition, and simplicity [Conimbricense, by Pasnau]
Philosophy needs the precision of the unity given by substances [Leibniz]
Identity of a substance is the law of its persistence [Leibniz]
The only unities are simples, or wholes composed of parts [Russell]
Could the same matter have more than one form or principle of unity? [Ayers]
Modal features are not part of entities, because they are accounted for by the entity [Fine,K]
A whole requires some unique relation which binds together all of the parts [Simons]
I aim to put the notion of structure or form back into the concepts of part, whole and object [Koslicki]
If a whole is just a structure, a dinner party wouldn't need the guests to turn up [Koslicki]