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27. Natural Reality / C. Space-Time / 2. Time / i. Time and change

[relationship between time and physical change]

19 ideas
Heavenly movements gave us the idea of time, and caused us to inquire about the heavens [Plato]
There is no time without movement [Aristotle]
Time is not change, but requires change in our minds to be noticed [Aristotle]
Time does not exist without change [Aristotle]
Time is an aspect of change [Aristotle]
Time is an interval of motion, or the measure of speed [Posidonius, by Stobaeus]
We can only sense time by means of movement, or its absence [Lucretius]
If motion and rest are abolished, so is time [Sext.Empiricus]
Some think time is seen at rest, as well as in movement [Porphyry]
I disagree with the idea that time is nothing but cosmic movement [Augustine]
Time is independent of motion, because God could stop everything for a short or long time [Crathorn, by Pasnau]
If there were duration without change, we could never establish its length [Leibniz]
Time is the measure of change, so we can't speak of time before all change [Dummett]
If three regions 'freeze' every three, four and five years, after sixty years everything stops for a year [Shoemaker, by Lowe]
We have the confused idea that time is a process of change [Lockwood]
If things don't persist through time, then change makes no sense [Le Poidevin]
Things which have ceased change their A-series position; things that persist change their B-series position [Le Poidevin]
Maybe only presentism allows change, by now having a property, and then lacking it [Merricks]
Only heat distinguishes past from future [Rovelli]