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22. Metaethics / C. Sources of Ethics / 6. Ethics from Reason

[pure reason produces ethical values and principles]

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If our ideas were wholly adequate, we would have no concept of evil [Spinoza]
We can demand a reason for any moral rule [Locke]
Morality can be demonstrated, because we know the real essences behind moral words [Locke]
Rational morality is OK for brainy people, but ordinary life can't rely on that [Rousseau]
Kant united religion and philosophy, by basing obedience to law on reason instead of faith [Taylor,R on Kant]
Only human reason can confer value on our choices [Korsgaard on Kant]
Intellect is tied to morality, because it requires good memory and powerful imagination [Nietzsche]
Morality isn't based on reason; moral indignation is quite unlike disapproval of irrationality [Frankfurt]
The failure of Enlightenment attempts to justify morality will explain our own culture [MacIntyre]
Euripides's Medea is a key case of reason versus the passions [Annas]
We don't condemn people for being bad at reasoning [Finlayson]