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22. Metaethics / A. Value / 2. Values / e. Love

[role of the feeling of love in moral behaviour]

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Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself [Anon (Leviticus)]
Do good to him who has done you an injury [Lao Tzu]
Love assists men in achieving merit and happiness [Plato]
Love follows beauty, wisdom is exceptionally beautiful, so love follows wisdom [Plato]
Love is desire for perpetual possession of the good [Plato]
Only lovable things are loved, and they must be good, or pleasant, or useful [Aristotle]
Most people want to be loved rather than to love, because they desire honour [Aristotle]
Virtuous love consists of decorous desire for the beautiful [Democritus (attr)]
Hate is conquered by love [Anon (Dham)]
Virtuous men do not feel sexual desire, which merely focuses on physical beauty [Stoic school, by Diog. Laertius]
Love your enemies [Jesus]
Love thy neighbour as thyself [Jesus]
Is anything sweeter than valuing yourself more when you find you are loved? [Seneca]
We should avoid the pleasures of love, or at least, should not enact our dreams [Porphyry]
Love, and do what you will [Augustine]
Desire and love are the same, but in the desire the object is absent, and in love it is present [Hobbes]
Judging by effects, love looks more like hatred than friendship [Rochefoucauld]
Love is nothing else but pleasure accompanied by the idea of an external cause [Spinoza]
Love is joy with an external cause [Spinoza]
Love is pleasure in the perfection, well-being or happiness of its object [Leibniz]
The duty of love is to makes the ends of others one's own [Kant]
True love is ironic, in the contrast between finite limitations and the infinity of love [Schlegel,F]
If you love nothing, it doesn't matter whether something exists or not [Feuerbach]
If people marry just because they are lonely, that is self-love, not love [Kierkegaard]
Perfect love is not in spite of imperfections; the imperfections must be loved as well [Kierkegaard]
Marriage upholds the idea that love, though a passion, can endure [Nietzsche]
Marriage is too serious to be permitted for people in love! [Nietzsche]
Fear reveals the natures of other people much more clearly than love does [Nietzsche]
Simultaneous love and respect are impossible; love has no separation or rank, but respect admits power [Nietzsche]
Love is the spiritualisation of sensuality [Nietzsche]
Friendly chats undermine my philosophy; wanting to be right at the expense of love is folly [Nietzsche]
We only really love children and work [Nietzsche]
Unlike hate, all desires can be satisfied by love [Russell]
Love is the demand to be loved [Sartre]
Lovers are hateful, apart from their hovering awareness of death [Cioran]
Love seems to diminish with distance to oneself [Quine]
The more one loves the stronger the absurd grows [Camus]
Rather than loving things because we value them, I think we value things because we love them [Frankfurt]
The paradigm case of pure love is not romantic, but that between parents and infants [Frankfurt]
Love can be cool, and it may not involve liking its object [Frankfurt]
I value my children for their sake, but I also value my love for them for its own sake [Frankfurt]